Does anyone have any point of contact information for Jenn and Cale, the owners of Cyrus, or even Jenn's last name? Jenn used "CyrusVirus" as her forum name, but she hasn't posted a message since June 2008 nor has she responded to my private message in her member page.

I am asking for help because I noticed that there was a Cyrus on the Zande Basenji pedigree website and he is supposed to be a littermate to my Tippy. I've tried getting Tippy's ACA pedigree from the ACA, but they refuse to provide that information because I do not have the ACA registration paperwork (I rescued and fostered Tippy on behalf of BRAT, and subsequently adopted him). Anyway, none of the families that owned Tippy previously would respond to my requests for them to provide ACA registration paperwork.

So, I am hoping that, if I can get in touch with Jenn, that Jenn will have Cyrus' ACA registration paperwork, which will effectively be the same thing for Tippy, as they were born to the same parents.



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