Getting information about Basenjis from the magazine rack

Does anybody read and/or purchase the breed specific magazines sold in most pet shops and pet supply stores? For example: Dog World, Dogs USA, Puppies USA, Dog Fancy.
When you got your Basenji, did you seek out information about the breed in any of these kinds of magazines?
Did any of these magazine have any value to you when you were looking for information about Basenjis? If so, in what way?
Do they now?

I checked out Dogs Canada for breeders then also researched online.

probably, but that was 20+ years ago when i got my first basenji. i think now i'd be more apt to check the internet first

I used to years ago, just to see what was in there, but not any more… and I don't know of anyone that has in the past contact me about a puppy ever say they used/read any of those magazines

if i see a magazine with a basenji article ill buy it. For now i buy and old one.

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