• I am considering using this collar after our two year old Basenji, Gracie, is spayed. Has anyone used this instead of the Elizabethian and has it worked for you?

  • I use the Bite Not Collar with mine. Nicky much prefers it to the Elizabethian collar.

  • I tried using that to keep Gambit from reaching a 6 inch incision on the back of her leg, she could still reach the spot. I have never used a collar with any spay or neuter surgery, the incision is so small its really not necessary.

  • I have never used a collar with any spay or neuter either but my vet had a bad experience with a patient ripping sutures out and I guess i t was a real mess. The Vet wanted to use an Elizabethian but Gracie is so timid (she was a kennel dog which we acquired 3 weeks ago) I think that collar would send her over the edge. I just hate to ignore the Vet about a collar because God forbid anything happens it would be on me. Thank you so much for your comment lisastewart, I feel the same way.

  • I think using a collar is a wise precaution whenever you are unable to supervise, at least for the first couple of days. However, if you are around and alert, it may not be necessary. I have never needed one for a spay/neuter, but I have used one when my guy wouldn't leave a rash alone. Now, if he is licking excessively, I just pick it up and show it to him…....usually does the trick. And remember, a quiet Basenji is not necessarily a good Basenji........like kids, if they are off being quiet they are often up to something. 🙂

  • I normally had my dogs spayed/neutered on Thurs, then took a 3 day weekend at home with them, by the 4th day, they were safe to leave alone, or in some cases, I took them to work with me.

  • First Basenji's

    Looked at pictures of both, and the Bite Not Collar just looks better because they have 360 vision, you seem to be able to adjust the width with more accuracy as well. The Kong collar looked as though a paw could get through the neck and make the scenario more traumatic! In a pinch I borrowed a neighbor's 'cone of shame…' and Uzie just froze in place, when he did move he bumped into everything. I kept it on him for maybe 1/2 hour while the benedrly took effect and he slept for few hours. He got a canine tooth puncture and he kept scratching it thus preventing a heal. So it was not sutures as you have to think about, but the next morning he did have total closure-the thick folds of skin of a basenji. Ps: there was not any swelling and he is doing 100%! The blue you see is Nolvasan Antiseptic cream-works great! PSS: agree with eeeeeeeeeeeeeeefarm!


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