Can Kong Toys be toxic?

Similar to kid's toys from China, recalled for toxic chemical & lead contents, what about the dog toys that are made in China? I know the Kong Chew Toys smell really strong for a long time, and I would never let my grandchild play with one. Anyone know what they're made of? Are they safe for our Basenji's? How would one go about checking the Kong Toys out for safety?

I'm trying to be a responsible dog owner, & want to know what Kongs are made of, including the red & blue dyes. The link you sent doesn't say any of that, and the Kongs do really smell strong. My friend's dog got very ill from Ecoli on one of those rawhide chews. And who would've thought that the coloring on those baby bottles contained lead? So, I'm still looking for the contents so I can make a responsible decision, since my dog likes to chew them. I wrote the company, but they never answered. Anyone have any other ideas? Thanks!

The strong smell that the Kong has is from the rubber that it is made of. The reason I sent the link is because it does say that all Kong products are manufactured in the US not in China.


The reason I sent the link is because it does say that
all Kong products are manufactured in the US not in China.

All Kong products are not made in the U.S., some are made in China.
I emailed Kong Company, LLC asking them for the ingredients. They said some of their products/toys are made in China. Some are made here. But they were vague about my questions, and didn't list the ingredients. Awhile back, my other dog's nose turned green. Turned out to be from the rubber dog food bowl. I changed bowls, and its nose slowly became normal. So, I'm going to keep looking.

I always have used Stainless Steel bowls… and for water also.

If you are concerned about the coloured Kongs, get the black ones…no dye in those. The smell is natural rubber....rubber has a strong odor.

And actually, from everything I've read on the internet (granted you can't believe everything you read), the regular Kongs (that sort of resemble snowmen :D) are made in the USA...

Maybe it is the other stuff they make that isn't made in the USA?

Oh, and like Tanza...I too use stainless bowls for food & water.

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