• My dog has suddenly decieded that he will not poop until i walk him near the tree line of my yard that backs into woods. The problem is that area is littered with tics and bugs, it is not good for me as well as my dog.

    If he does npt poop everyday, the poop hardens on his gut and he cries badly. He is a very picky eater so i cant give him pumpkin and other food that others are suggesting. Can i give hom laxatives like metamucil or ex-lax that are made for us???? Please help

  • i would not think so, but adding powdered fiber might be okay

  • Okay, so you have a few options. The best is training him to go where you want.

    1. Take some of his poop and put it further in where you want him to go.
    2. Match stick him.
    3. Spray the area with tick and flea spray.
    4. Add some olive oil or, honest, catlax (the stuff they use for hair balls) to his food so he has a bit looser stool or ask your vet for stool softeners for dogs. I'd call my vet tech partner but she is in India with her husband. But I can guarantee you that human laxatives are a no. Plus, you can't keep using any of them or risk habit forming.


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