• There are some instances that I believed that marijuana doesn't give us a good benefit. I came across this article [404 error] saying that CBD can be a useful as a medicine. My pet Goldie (Labrador) was suffering from mast cell tumors a form of skin cancer. And i don't know how he will be cured then one of my friends told me to use CBD for him. I don't know if it really works? Any suggestion for this?

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  • There is little data or studies regarding Medical Marijauna used in Animals for an alternative modality for treatment of any kind. One Article is simply not enough. I have considered trying the CBD Cream for my Back pain. There have been many studies regarding Medical Marijauna for treating Auto-Immune Diseases such as MS. One Vendor is 'Charlotte's Web' and their products are legal in all of the 50 states.

    I would not treat my Dog with Cancer with this stuff because it is a topical and we do not know if applying it to the Dog's skin will irritate the Cancer.

    Good luck and you may try feeding your Dog Vegtarian Dog Food because animal flesh and Fish encourages the growth of Cancer. My Antigone had a Carcinoma when she was 12. I had it removed and changed her diet to a Vegetarian and she lived to be 16 years old.

    Diet in my experience is the best way to manage a Dog or Cat with Cancer.

    Good luck!


  • Diet for an animal is certainly good, but what about the pain that a dog experiences when it has cancer, medications can also cause severe harm to health in a large dose, and so I would still test the possibilities of CBD products for the treatment of pain syndromes in dogs. [removed off-topic link and text]

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