• I have been looking, emailing, applying for rescue dogs, and anything else I can think of. I have fallen in love with Basenjis and there is no getting over it.

    I would love a female who is tolerant of cats. I don't necessarily want a puppy, but am open to anything.

    I can travel to get a dog, or have it flown if that works.

  • You might try contacting Jean Martin (Hounds of Timar) - she lives in upstate New York (Tully). I Have a basenji from her (Ozzy). Can't say enough good things about her as a breeder (and Ozzy's temperament) and she has some really nice dogs. She has done quite a bit of breeding with African Stock - my boy Oz is 1/3 Af. There are others on this forum that also have pups from her. She may have some adults/young adults (and I don't know if she is breeding a litter this year) available - don't know for sure. Her info is on the Basenji Club of America (BCOA) website (basenji.org). Good luck in your search.

  • Thanks! I had emailed her a while back and then sort of dropped the ball. I am going to see her and her dogs in the next week or so. She said she had one or two adults that could be adopted but not to someone that has never has a Basenji before. But I am happy that I will get to spend some time with the dogs. Thanks again!

  • Great that you are going to visit and seeing her basenjis first hand. That's one thing I admire about Jean - she is going to do what is best for her dogs and it is great that she is so straight forward - she wants it to work out for the dog and the person adopting. She may know of other breeders that have adults available - ask her when you visit with her - if you still think that basenjis are right for you. They aren't for everyone - my friends constantly ask me - you like these dogs why? hahaha

    And just so you know and so you won't think it is uncommon, I have 3 that I would say would need a basenji experienced person, my 4th (which is Jean's boy, Ozzy), would probably be the perfect dog for anyone - he's almost an impostor because he is such an easy basenji - but I deserve him after my other three. 😉

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