What Biko did on our China vacation

  • After 2 weeks in China we came home to this "redecoration". It was the first time he had been alone for that long since we lost our oldest B.

  • Yes, that's pretty much how they react when they don't get to do whatever we are doing. We've lost comforters, pillows, couch cushions, most of our blinds, which we now leave half-mast so they aren't within reach - if we have to leave them for any length of time they don't stay home, they are boarded.

  • I particularly like the photo of all the fuzz gathered underneath the table. Looks like he had lots of fun!

  • My parents were looking after him while we were gone - feeding, spending time with, etc. for a few hours a day. They had cleaned up a bit. All of the debris was apparently spread throughout the house. This took him only 2 days to complete. Afterward, he was sentenced to kitchen confinement.

  • My Arnie destuffs items and that is why he now has fluff inside his crate which is used as his bedding!


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