What Biko did on our China vacation

After 2 weeks in China we came home to this "redecoration". It was the first time he had been alone for that long since we lost our oldest B.

Yes, that's pretty much how they react when they don't get to do whatever we are doing. We've lost comforters, pillows, couch cushions, most of our blinds, which we now leave half-mast so they aren't within reach - if we have to leave them for any length of time they don't stay home, they are boarded.

I particularly like the photo of all the fuzz gathered underneath the table. Looks like he had lots of fun!

My parents were looking after him while we were gone - feeding, spending time with, etc. for a few hours a day. They had cleaned up a bit. All of the debris was apparently spread throughout the house. This took him only 2 days to complete. Afterward, he was sentenced to kitchen confinement.

My Arnie destuffs items and that is why he now has fluff inside his crate which is used as his bedding!


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