• Tucker will walk away from the water dish with water still coming out of his mouth, like dripping. Becca, on the other hand, laps up her water like a princess with nothing getting wet.

  • Too funny, I've always noted to myself that Oakley laps the water in a way to allow maximum splashing…it has it's money's of bein annoying but mostly just funny

  • Having a Shar Pei and a Basenji I bet you can guess which of my two is the sloppier drinker 😉

    Watson is one of those dainty, tidy dogs 😃

  • When Loki was about 5 months old, we started noticing that the placemat for his water dish was randomly getting covered in water. Wasn't sure if he was tipping over the bowl or if the water bottle I keep next to it wasn't closed properly. I finally started paying attention to when he would drink and found that he laps it up as close the edge of the bowl as possible and the water ends up splashing everywhere! And of course, he has to get as much water in as possible so he'll try downing the whole bowl in one go which means a good portion of it ends up splattered all over the placemat.

  • My first Basenjis (OJ, Maggii, Mickii, Kristii) were all very careful drinkers. Never splashed, never slopped on the floor…. Now forward to Franie and C-Me, talk about messy drinkers! Water everwhere.

  • In almost 40 years with basenjis, Chip is the first 'sloppy drunk' we have ever had. The first time I saw water all over the floor I thought it was a spill. No, Just Chipley.

    By the way I just realized he has been with a year last Monday, I completely missed his 'Gotcha Day' so have to think of something fun to celebrate. It has been a smooth and calm year, he is a big (messy) love-muffin.

  • First Basenji's

    Happy Belated Gotcha Day for you all and Chipley!!! Wow, how time flies, I still remember the story of how you drove all the way to Chipley for Chipley!!!:) Do send a pic of the celebration! PS: I keep a ShamWow under the water bowl, works well for me. no one has had the inkling to use it as a chew toy!

  • Thanks for the idea, Deb, I have a box of Sham-wow's somewhere.
    Chipley is celebrating by lying beside his dad while they watch the Olympics, I am just being lazy taking a day off work!

  • First Basenji's

    I had to take the day off, had about 4 or5 in of rain since 3am. And oh boy the thunder/lightning-lost power for 2 1/2 hrs. Uzie runs thru the house trying to 'catch' the thunder clap and Hershey and Candi follow me around panting and whining until I put a bed in the shower for them to hide from the monster outside….............:( Glad to here how close Chip and his dad are-too cute!

  • my two lap it up and splash it everywhere too…. we had a seminar at work (i work at a dog grooming salon) only yesterday and i gave them a bowl of water and there was silence as there was just the instructor talking and alls you could hear was lapping water (almost sounded like a running tap)... you'd think they never get watered the way they drink it but they always have fresh water (they have 4 water bowls placed around at home). They love drinking their water (we do live in a very tropical place though)

  • late 🙂 but our Hana is a sloppy drinker for sure 😉

    for such a dainty eater her drinking puts that back in balance 🙂

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