Home(s) needed due to death of owner

Looking for an agility basenji? A rally basenji? Or a coursing basenji? Show dog?

Would you like all four in one complete and mature package?

There is a 4 1/2 year old, red and white, male whose owner died unexpectedly earlier this month who has been started in all of the above. I beleive he currently sports 2 RN legs, has his JC, earned BOB in a recent ASFA trial, has been training in Agility and has 5 conformation points.

He is currently with his breeder but will need a home, as will his older kennel mate who I beleive also has a series of titles to her name.

email Chris (the breeder) at: LothlorienBasenjis@gmail.com


Aw. These stories always break my heart. 😞

Sounds like an excellent Jr's dog! I hope both of them find a home soon.

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