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In trying to track down the maker of my dog's collar so I could get a replacement, I had to search through a bunch of threads and all the discussions. So to be helpful to others, I made a list of companies (North America) recommended by forum members (I think I got them all) …

Most frequently mentioned brands:
2Hounds Design:
All Hounds:
Around the Hounds:
Northwind Whippets:
Ruff Wear:
White Pine Outfitters:
Wild Hare:

Other recommended sources:
Collar Mania:
Crown Collars:
Ellas Lead:
Faithful Pet Products:
Master's Pride:
RC Pet Products:
Rush to Tug:
Wet Nose Boutique:
Wiggles, Wags, and Whiskers:

And if you want haute couture styles try :

Thanks, nice reference collection. I may order 3 of the gemstone collars the last one offered, they are only $544 each. (You can't see the sarcastic look on my face, but it's there! Not even if I won the lottery would I spend that kind of money for that collar, HA!)

Thanks! This is really helpful!

Thanks! This is an awesome list, I myself had been searching through the forums a few weeks ago when I was shopping for a new collar for Loki, finally found a fleece lined one made by Spindrift.

$544 for a collar! Considering I once got a cute Christmas collar with bells on it for Sam and she ate the bells about an hour later I think I will pass. Plus, $544 for a collar!


First Basenji's

wow! that must have taken some time! Thanks so much! appreciate it!

Also if youre looking for martingales, is where I get mine an they replace even if chewed. They have a great rare selection of colors… It the only place I can find that sells a bright yellow that's not neon..

Thanks for doing this! Very handy.

These are beautifully hand carved collars custom made specifically for Basenjis.

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