• I think these will probably be the last pics you will see. I am separating from my husband and will need to process these guys. I wanted to keep some, but that will be down the road. But, Enjoy!


  • They grow up fast! My neighbour down the road keeps Muscovies, great little fly catchers! And I am always amazed at how fast the babies turn into adults.

    Sorry to hear of your separation. Always a difficult time, made far more complicated if you have animals. I know a couple of people who have been through it, and I know it isn't easy. I hope things go as smoothly as possible for you.

  • It will go the way it goes. Thank you for the good thoughts though! The animals will be fine.

  • They are really adorable, sad to hear of your happenings- such is life, boy don't I know!

    If I may ask, what does "process" them mean?

  • Process is taking them to the slaughter house. Wish I didn't have to, but down the road I will get more when I get a bigger place.

  • Arlene, I knew what "processed" meant, but I wish people called it what it was upfront. Acknowledge that we kill them for food. I am not a vegetarian, my grandparents were farmers. (I wish I were a vegetarian, I was for a while… but I am not.) I'll man the hoses for you if someone has an issue with that unless they are a vegan. If you eat animal or animal products, you have no right to rant about people who can raise living things and then kill or eat them. It isn't easy. Hell it wasn't easy on my grandmother and that was many decades before many people thought about it.

    I am, however, very sorry about the separation. I have four friends, 3 with young children and one with 13 to18 yr olds, who are suddenly separating and divorcing this year. Not surprisingly, 3 of the men have girlfriends and have broken trust beyond repair. The other just said she wants peace in her life and cannot do it with him. I got a divorce in December. We still share the house as we have for 20 yrs -- as roomies, until my daughter grads next May-- then I am free to move on without having to deal with the legalities. Our marriage was over many years ago, but it was still a sadness. I wish you peace in whatever happens. Indeed, you nailed it-- it will go the way it goes.

  • I am just used to saying 'process'. Just our way around here. Yes, they are food. I am not, nor could ever be, a vegetarian. I like meat. I had a poor childhood where my father had to go out hunting for food. There wasn't an option sometimes.

    I want peace as well-wether it be one year, or ten years. I've put up with alcoholism for 30 years and now I just want relief. I believe he's coming to understand that. He wants peace as well-he doesn't like my dogs but will babysit them. He seems more worried at the moment that I wont' have enough money to live and is offering to pay extra for the new car (which I keep but he may want to use for long distance vacations) housing costs, etc. If I can get it in writing before he changes his mind, I'll accept any monetary funds he has to offer. Right now we are in the house together until I can get everything done here that needs to be and the house is sold. I'm expecting the house to go on the market in Sept.

    What will be, will be. I will make and an be happy. (how's that for positive attitude!!! LOL)

  • Well I didn't know, it could either have been sell them or kill them…I didn't know. You have to do what you have to do and thats that.

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