• Hello everyone. I am a first time basenji owner in Atlanta. My new little girl is Akili - (uh-key-lee)…meaning clever or wisdom. So far I have yet to experience the basenji mischieviousness that I've read so much about. She has been the greatest little girl so far. We're making great strides in her potty training and going to sleep at night. She's not allowed in the bed until she can hold it all night.

    Here are some pictures of her...she totally a daddy's girl!

  • Ohhhhhh tooo cute!

    Welcome to the forum, I am so glad that you posted pictures of your little B!

    Where did you get her?

  • OMG she is just to cute, welcome to the forum

  • We got her from a breeder in Tennessee. I tried to rescue one through BRAT, but I really wanted a puppy, and they were quite tough to come by. There were 4 that were placed this past month and I wasn't lucky enough to get any of them. I had located the closest breeder that I could find prior to trying BRAT, and when the 4 pups fell through, I contacted her again. We picked her up last weekend.

  • She is sooooooooooo sweet looking, just like my red & white, Sahara, when I got her last year. They grow so fast, don't u just love it when they stretch out to sleep, I just want to hug, and hug Sahara when she is sleeping. Welcome to the forum, this site is a lifesaver, for you and your B. haha!!!!!!

  • oh my, she is barootiful! welcome to the forum. how do you like those puppy teeth? hi from washington state!

  • Very cute…...welcome! She does look like a Daddy's girl.:)

  • waves Nice to see another Georgian has joined. I live just west of Atlanta. Welcome to the list. 🙂

  • Dittto the "very cute" and a good looking B I might add!! That shot in the car reminds me all of those first trips home. We have had 4 so far and I find they all have different temperaments. Not all of them are a mischievousness (really guys, I mean that!) – one of ours is practically a living stuffed animal as long as he gets enough exercise and attention. Make sure you spend a lot of time socializing and bonding... though looking at your photos, I don't think I need to say that.

    Anyone want to make bets as to when 1 becomes 2? Only a matter of time. Welcome to the world of Basenjis!

  • She's very beautiful…welcome. Enjoy!

  • Welcome!! This is a home for all B parents 😃

  • Thank you all for your kind words and welcoming. And CMD…as far as taking bets on the second one, it will be as soon as I have more room in my house. I live in a condo now, so I lack a private yard and in my opinion adequate space for two...but we'll see...maybe I can make it happen.

  • Hello Basenjinewbee

    I'm browsing for Atlanta area members 🙂
    I'm actually new to the area with my partner and our 2 basenjis. I met up with Andrew, Carrie and their 2 basenjis at a great park in Norcross last Sat and we'll be there tomorrow at 11am if you're interested! Look at the Events and meetups thread for more info.

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