• My 5 1/2 year old B had a lump removed on Tuesday. Histopath report came back yesterday, it is fibrosarcoma. Am still in shock and denial. Anyone here have any experience with this type of cancer in a B? Growth was on his left shoulder, came up very quickly.

  • So sorry about your little B's fight from this disease. I am curious about the fibrosarcoma. Is that a tumor that is attached to the muscle? My previous dog, Rocky who had that type of cancer (not sure of the name). What I do know about it is the tumor must be removed with a wide margin of good tissue to ensure it is all completely removed. Otherwise, it will (and did) grow back - fast. Rocky was about 14 years old when we discovered it. Loss of muscle at his age disabled the strength he needed to recover. I pray that your little one is young enough and it was caught in time to bounce back. What is the prognosis the vet made?

  • Thanks Jill for your prayers. The vet got good margins and the tumor was small and not yet attached to the muscle, it came out easily. We will make an appt. for next week with the specialist. Did Rocky had radiation or other treatment after diagnosis?

  • Yes - unfortunately he did have radiation. I had a choice to use an oncology clinic that was over an hour drive from my home that he would have to go 3 times per week for 6 weeks and lots of money. This would have been the gentler form of radiation treatment. Instead, because of time & money, we chose a more aggressive form at Michigan State University's Veterinary School, once every 3 weeks for 4 treatments. I would never do it again in an especially old dog. But, I did love him and took a chance he'd do well. (The cure was worse than the disease.) It was costly, less overall than the 1st option. It did him in, because as I mentioned, the loss of tissue in conjunction with radiation - more tissue loss. He never recovered. I still feel terrible for the outcome. At the time, we had no way to know what would happen. The vet at MSU should have given me better advice, considering his age and the effects of the radiation. I was just optimistic and hopeful.

    Did the vet suggest doing radiation? If so, please-please go the gentler, costlier and long term option. She is young and likely far less damage to her tissue will result. My suggestion is from the phrase "If I knew then what I know now, I'd do it better."

    Please keep me posted - Lots of hugs and prayers for you both.

  • Jill,

    Rockets' tumor was attached to the fascia, the connecting tissue surrounding the muscle in his shoulder. The tumor was quite small, I just found it 2 weeks ago. Am very worried because what I read is that is has a high incidence of returning. When my vet excised it, she said it didn't appear to be attached to muscle yet, though she did remove a small amount of muscle to get good margins. Will keep you informed as I find out more. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

  • Our prayers go out to your B and the family. Hope all will be fine soo. I do have a question though…one of my B's nipples seems bigger than the others and I was wondering if I should also have him checked out?

  • Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. We took Rocket to the oncologist yesterday. He said that since it was caught so soon and was so small and we got good margins on the surgery that we should watch it for the next year. Do a weekly check from head to toe, he knows how careful we are about our dogs! Then if it does recur, we will do radiation. We were sooooo relieved to hear the good news!!!! He knows that between me and my vet we will be closely monitoring the situation.

  • good to hear. sounds like Rocket is lucky to have you.

  • Very happy to hear the great news. Keep strong and healthy Rocket!

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