• As I spend many hours in the saddle I was a bit concerned about Jenga being left alone. So, one day I decided to take him on a short ride on one of my horses and it has turned into one of his favorite things to do. He sits or lays across the saddle in front of me on a soft jacket and wears a harness and I hold a long leash. He loves the forest, looking around and has made many friends with the people we meet walking their dogs along our trails. I have heard of dogs riding on bikes in baskets but I am amazed that he has found this to his liking. Yesterday we went on a picnic ride and he was in the saddle for 3 hours total. Does anyone else have a basenji they ride with? Bike or …..?

  • I used to ride with my first girl. Mostly she did her own walking, but I would throw her up on the horse if I had to be in a busy area, cross a road, or on one memorable occasion separate her from the chicken she had decided she wanted to take home! 🙂

    I have biked my dogs, but that has always consisted of me riding the bicycle and them running alongside. (on leash) Good for a tow if something interesting and fast (e.g. other cyclists) goes by!

  • Must have pictures!

  • My sister's australian cattle dog used to ride on the saddle with her a lot, loved it.

  • Wow, very neat. Most basenjis want to be up high so I imagine being astride that horse gives him a great view of the world. Yes, must have photos!!!

  • Agree…. try and get some photos!

    Horses and basenjis... I'm finding that combination is a very harmonious one. All the horses we meet love to visit with Kipawa.

  • We stopped by his breeders farm on a ride last month and she sent me a photo. I posted it under the "Show Off" section. I am sure I must be like lots of new B owners. How did I miss out on all this fun for the most part of my life? He sure makes me smile a lot.

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