Fish and yogurt….not together of course!!

  • Hi all,
    I am the very proud ma to my lil' Miss Evelyn Adora Belle Dearheart…or miss Evie to her friends...she's 4months old and loving life as a show jump groom's assistant! The only problem I have is that when we're away from the yard (normally half the week unfortunately) she can be regally fussy with her food. She loves yogurt and canned fish (tuna, kippers, pilchards etc.) And I was just wondering if anyone else feeds this to their Basenji 's too? Ive read that too much fishis bag for them, but would half a can of tuna or area pilchards every other day be ok for her?

    Thanks for any help you can give

  • Mine get yogurt every day…. and I don't see where the tuna or pilchards would hurt her... remember, if she is hungry, she will eat (unless she is sick)... so I would not worry about when she is not eating and go to the "tough love" action... put the food down, she has 10 minutes to eat it, if she does not, it gets taken away until the next meal...

    Must be exciting for her to be a show jump groom's assistant! What fun! Who do you groom for? Do they show at the FEI events?

  • No yogurt, but he does get a sardine 2x daily in his food. High in Omega 3 fatty acids and calcium. The problem with Buddy is he always eats too fast. No tuna because of the mercury.

  • Kipawa also gets daily yogurt. He loves it! We don't do tuna for Kipawa or us humans, for the reason Dan has mentioned (mercury). Kippers… yum! My Dad (from the Netherlands, Noord-Brabant area) always gave me a few bits when he was eating them. I haven't tried them for Kipawa, but as he's what I refer to as my 'food hound' I have no doubts he'd like them. For his fish oil, he gets it from Omega 3-6-9, the brand is called Udo's Choice and it is available in health food stores here in North America (we are in Canada). His coat is very shiny and he rarely scratches (no dry skin).

  • Thanks for all the help guys.

    My lil gal loves her fish (I mash a couple of forkfuls along with some warm water into her kibble and she demolishes it now!) Glad to see her eating so much and getting so excited ably food time!

    And yes, my rider is an American and she competes internationally here, hopefully we'll end up in USA soon 🙂

    Thanks again for all the help guys!

  • Sounds great… who is your American rider? I came from show jumpers and follow them all the time...

  • I broom for Cody Auer. Best rider ive ever worked for! 🙂

  • Mine loves her daily yogurt!

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