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sire: Mata Hauri Super Swag and the dam: Eldorado's In Your Dreams

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I did end up getting the second Basenji from the same breeder and they are sisters. They get along wonderfully. I got her from Debbie Hauri. Chealsie508 what part of MA do you live? I live in Eastern MA.

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Mine loves her daily yogurt!

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Hi, My name is Jennifer and I got my first B in November. She is a red and white named Tiana. She was 3 months old when we got her. I got the puppy for my husband who had a B when he was younger and told me stories for years about what a wonderful dog it was. I originally was a cat person and we have had 2 other dogs in our family that I didn't really attach to but I cannot believe how much I love this puppy. She was wonderful with our older dog who just died 2 weeks ago from old age and she is wonderful with our children. Our whole family loves her and we look forward to seeing her in the morning when she yodels upon seeing us because she is so happy. I feel as though I want another one to give her company because she was always with other dogs at the breeders and when we took her home she used to snuggle and play with our big dog. I am happy that I found this website.

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