Hello all!
First Basenji's

I just joined the group. I adopted a 12 week old Basenji a few weeks ago and am very quickly falling in love with my little boy Pharaoh.

HE is awesome!

Ohh congrats on your new B! We would love to see pics of him. There is a tonne of good information on this site. Good luck to the challenges a little B brings to your home!

Hi! You got the brother to my puppies, Willow and Kai! I've been watching to see if you joined. Nancy Craigie did such an awesome Job with these puppies - she said this is her litter with the most amazing temperaments.

I'll be looking forward to seeing pics of Pharoah (formerly known as Neo) - I have lots of pics of him when he was tiny, since she would send me pics of the whole litter. I can send some to you, if you'd like.

By the way, how much does he weigh? Kai is a beefy 15.0 pounds, Willow is 12.2 (as of Tuesday).

Nice "meeting" you -


First Basenji's

Thanks Krunzer! Maybe I am crazy (must be to own a 😎 but I find his intelligence, stubbornness, charm and all the quirky things about Basenji's. He is also a cuddly sweetie pie. Would love to post some pics…where do I do that?

First Basenji's

OMG!! I am so excited to meet you Julie! Pharaoh is also 15 pounds. Bummer that you live in TX - it would be fun to get them together. PLEASE send me pics!! My email is mlb3838@hotmail.com

I think Pharaoh is incredible! So smart, so sweet - everything I have ever wanted in a pup. How are Willow & Kai doing?

Ohhh we got B's from the same litter who we can watch grow up together! This is exciting news. I am glad you two found each other, you can ask each other questions about your growing little B's. It's nice to know how littermates are doing.

Welcome to the forum and great that you have a brother to Amelie's puppies. What a small world!

Hello !
I am a new member. Would a newcomer be warmly welcome here? Good day you guy !

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