Warning about Costco canned food

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Subject: Costco canned food warning
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2012 09:15:31 -0700

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At the end of December, a local kennel donated 12 cases of Kirkland canned
Lamb and Rice dog food. They said it was too rich for their dog because they
all got sick. Did not think any problem with the food. I fed to my dogs, and
to visiting dogs. Diarrhea for all dogs, puppy threw up 15 times. She
survived…Tesla and Dino did not. I contacted the company on Jan.3 to say
all dogs got sick. They said they did not produce that food. Four weeks
later, one dead dog, next week, another dead dog. Finally got a response
with...tell Costco. I contacted Costco, and then they contacted the
manufacturer. Who wants a sample of the food. Mind you...this similar food
was recalled in 2007-2009 for melamine contamination. Over 400 dogs died. I
filed a report and waiting for request for the sample of food.

I need to put out a warning of possible food contamination. ...is not
verified yet...but the vet and I feel it will be. TheKirkland Canned Lamb
and Rice with expiration 2013. The cans I have say June 23, 2013
. Please
let your friends know. It would have been purchased in Nov.-Dec. 2012.
Please anyone that has a can to contact me directly. Do not return to
Costco. We need to let everyone know so more dogs don't die.

Renee Carleton

Thanks for posting. I will spread via world of mouth and my facebook.

Don't have any experience with costo food other then I know it is all made in China according to the bag labels. Just passing along what I saw on another list

One must definitely look at the label to find out what county it is made in. If it does not state then do not buy and contact the manufacturer to find out where. I am doing this for all treats and food-even human food. It is sad though that donated food killed some dogs!


I do not find this recall on the FDA website. The only time Costco had a recall was in 2007.


Pet: Dog
Trade Name: KIRKLAND
Fiscal Year: 2007
Lot: Best by dates: Aug 21 08 thru Apr 15 09.
Product Distributed Quantity: 6,540,240 cans
Product Description: Kirkland Signature Premium Dog 2-Flavor Variety Pack, 14 oz (24-pack).
Best Before Date:
Recall Initiation Date: April 26, 2007
Recall Completed Date:

Page Last Updated: 01/12/2012

Because there is no recall just as there was no recall when costumer reported issues with their chicken jerky recently.

I emailed the person listed in the original post to find out if she wrote the first warning. She did write it- here is her reply:

But after eating the food…the 6 dogs here got sick, and two died within a week of each other. Different ages and breeds. After putting it out on the internet...3 more dogs have eaten the food and died. Many just got sick. So use your judgement. But the only thing in common seems to be Kirkland Lamb and rice with exp. 2013. We are waiting to hear results on testing...but that takes time. In the meantime...this food has been sold in Nov-Dec. 2011 and is on the shelves in our homes. So to save other lives...I would warn everyone you know that feeds it.

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