• For those of you looking for a great canned food for your kids, I have to say mine are crazy about EVO canned, but not the 95% meat one, but the specialized ones, Duck, Rabbit, etc… and they love the Duck... while I have to special order a case (and that is not a problem) it is a great food and my elders with health problems and do not always want to eat..this has been real find...

  • I'll have to try those…I use the 95% meat ones. Apache is real picky and I'm always looking for ways to get him to keep eating! Thanks!

  • My old kids and one that is in renal failure loves both the duck and rabbit…

  • I tried these when we were in Cali for the nationals (they came in some of the bags that were being handed out for some wins)…
    The ONLY dog of mine that would eat any of them was the live grabage disposal, aka Kenny (my fulll African that loves all fruits and veggies and anything else under the sun).
    None of my dogs are picky and generaly eat whatever I give them.... and it never occured to me that they'd have turned up their food (normally get canned Natural Balance in their dinners) when I put some of that in there.
    Rest assured, Kenny was well fed for a few days! LOL

    Had they eaten it, I would have really considering buying it for them, as the ingredients seemed very good. I guess my pocket book got lucky this time around!!

  • I feed dry Evo-Innova mix but have to give one of my dogs medicine twice a day. The EVO rabbit and venison are great for getting even a very suspicious dog to take a bite. I will look for the duck as well.

    Anne in Tampa

  • I send a few cans to a friend that was having problems with her bitch not eating after whelping.. sent her a rabbit and a couple of duck.. and her bitch loved it…

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