• Shango is a very picky eater (and he was gaining weight with his old food) so, based on research, I decided to switch him over to Evo Reduced Fat (it's a blue bag) and he's been on it for about two weeks now.

    I am SO happy with the results! He eats the kibble right up, gets smaller servings, looks great and (the most obvious result) his coat! Oh, man, his coat is looking beautiful!

    It's a no-grain diet and high is protien and fat so for Shango (who gains VERY easy) I chose the reduced-fat line.

    We love it!

    Any other Evo eaters?

  • Zip is on Evo turkey and chicken small bites and she does well on it.
    Today is day 1 of transitioning Riley from Innova puppy to Zip's food….Liz measured out all the right amounts a week or so ago before we ran out of his old food so he's all set with little baggies of old+new mixed kibble with the day written on all of them...so cute (good job honey).

    Zippy's poo got significantly smaller when we started her on Evo and I have to say that we're looking forward to that with Riley. He has AT LEAST 5 lbs on her so you know...bigger dog, bigger poo. Just add Evo 😃


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