Franie (AB Tanza Life In The Fast Lane,SC) was 1 and BOB Saturday for her first AKC 4pt major and was 1 and BOB today for a 5pt AKC Major lure coursing….

She is a little running nut!!!!!

C-Me (Ch Klassic-Tanza Color Me Tri,SC) was 3rd yesterday and 2nd today along with Franie's brother Trip who was 2nd yesterday and 3rd today. Today C-Me and Trip were tied and we decided not to run off, so the toss of the coin decided the placings.

Congratulations 🙂

What a great family of basenjis! Well done!

Congratulations, Pat (and Franie, too)!

WOHOOOO! That is wonderful! 🙂


Congrats and kudos to the Tanza Three! Sounds like a trifecta to me!

Congrats! You had a good turnout to have majors.


Way to go. Congrats to all

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