Watson is…

…a handsome devil 😃

…and his sister is a beauty too 🙂

…squeak, squeak...

You DO have two very lovely looking dogs there! Thanks for sharing the good pictures. 😃

"a handsome devil"…...and he knows it, too! 🙂 Basenjis are so photogenic. But so is his "sister".

Funny how they will pose for the camera! Nice looking kids!

Those pix are priceless! One's ears perk straight up; the other's flop down. Very cute kids! You must be so proud.

Thanks guys 🙂

I am very much in love with my odd little duo…

Such an enchanting pair.

You have the best possible combination!!! I hope someday–-after the human kids are on their way-- to have the same pair. They are beautiful!

Watson is indeed handsome and his sister lovely

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