• Does anyone have experience with international travel, taking your Bs with you?

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Only if by international you mean on a car ride…lol!

  • me and mine went to Canada last summer, but i'd bet there is a big difference between going to canada and going to, say, France or Russia. Especially as it'd be hard to get to France by car.

  • What country are you travelling to? The laws do vary.

  • Check Air Animal, it's a Tampa based business, started by a vet., but they specialize in transporting (and arranging for) dogs and other animals all over the world. They have been in business fora t least 20 years that I know of.

  • Yes, you need to check each countries laws as some still require a quarantine period for animals.

  • I took two basenjis to the Philippines back in 1986 when we moved there (my husband works for the Dept of Defense). And brought them back three years later.

    Binta and Cheka were young and healthy and did just fine. We had to get a Dept of Agriculture certificate and since my husband was already there we knew the exact procedures they would go through at the airport in Manila. I was on the plane with them (they were in cargo of courses) and it was the longest 24 hr flight I have ever taken (I go to Asia a couple of times a year). I fixed water bottles to their crates which they had used since they were puppies.

    After we left the Manila airport we spent Christmas in the Philippine Plaza Hotel (4 stars) with them and then went on to Olangapo.

    We did it then as we loved them too much to leave them behind and the Bs enjoyed the Philippines – parrots and monkeys in the backyard and on walks we would see monitor lizards and all sorts of tropical birds. Plus we had an American vet on the base.

    Glad I don't have to do it again, however. I did fly my two Aby boys down to Naples with me in a carrier under the seat this January as we still want the animals with us when vacation as much as possible.

    Merry ... in Naples for two months with Louie and Hobbes, our Abysinnians

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