• @agilebasenji:

    another thing to keep in mind is how the name shortens.

    I like the name Pistol, I think it would suit a Basenji, but I don't think I would use it.

  • ok thank you everyone! i will post pictures of the little girl when i get her and her name! 🙂

  • I like also the name Shanty, sounds cheerful

  • I always had Jazzi for a girl picked out and right now I am liking Lola. And I think my next boy's name would be Jasper.

  • Hmm, we had a goat named Jazzy, and my brother has a snake named Jasper.

  • i have a kitty named jazzy and a kitty named jasper lol.

  • @i<3mybasenji:

    i have a kitty named jazzy and a kitty named jasper lol.

    LOL, well I guess you won't be using those names!

  • I named Chipley for the town where he was picked up as a stray, it's different (till another person at the park last week called their dog Shipley and both dogs responded, theirs and mine!) and easy to say, shortens to Chip. The shelter named him Benny but that didn't suit at all, I called him Chipley immediately and it stuck.

    So have several names in mind, try them out and see what sticks. Sometimes the dog responds to one sound over another . And yes, it needs to sound acceptable to be yelling out the back door at night, haha!

    Don't agonize too much, and if what you first pick doesn't seem to fit, change it; after all, she is a basenji, she won't come to anything you call her!

  • haha no although i really like jazzy.

  • i looked at one of the sites someone posted on here and actually found a few different names i really like so i will try them out and see what works for her when i get her in two weeks.

  • I like the name Violet. Or Clover.

  • Last year we got Honey Money's Elinor (arabic for light of god). We wanted to give her a call name that is related to her breeding name. So we searched the internet and found that Eleonora is the European version of Elinor. And Lela is a Spanish abbreviation of Eleonora. So Lela it was. It's perfect for her and she responded to it from the start. So keep associating!

  • Ask and post the registered name any how it might give us some ideas.

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