• First Basenji's

    Hi I am new to the forum and owning basenjis. We have done quite a bit of research, but nothing beats practical experience.

    My question is long so I apologize up front.

    We get our new puppy Saturday. Our breeders feed the puppies Meunsters puppy food. We decided to at least start off with that brand since it is what the little guy is used to eating. The problem is that brand of food is only sold in TX, LA, and OK. In other words it is only available is places no where near us. lol (We live in Northeast AR). We are having the breeder bring a bag with them when we meet to get the puppy. I have lurked and read on the boards but really am not sure what brand to try changing him to once that is finished. The brands that we are leaning toward are Innova Evo, Timberwolf, and Merrick.

    I know that each dog is different and most people really believe in what they give their pets so what is your opinion?

    Thanks in advance.

  • The ones you list are good foods.
    Also good is Natural Balance, like the Potato and Duck (or any of the Potato & ______) or California Natural is a good food

    But you want to start mixing it pretty early on…. and looking at the Meunsters food, I would not feed that... way to many gains and useless ones like Beet Pulp, no value, just a filler.... corn, many Basenjis and many other breeder have allergies to corn or develop them after being fed corn for a few years. My Kristii did... Chicken Meal, not a good source of protein. If you read the ingredients, there is no single meat source, only "meal". So I would want to get the pup off that food pretty quickly (again, in my opinion)

  • The Whole Dog Journal just published their list of Approved Dry Foods. You have subscribe to get the article but they are a great resource and definately worth the subscription price.


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