• Crate training has been getting better with waffles, now that she is responding to treats! The only problem is, she doesn't seem very interested in peanut butter or other puppy treats, but she LOVES cream cheese! We have been giving her a small amount in a Kong when we leave for work. I have heard mixed reviews on cream cheese - some people say to go ahead and use it as a treat, and others say to avoid "people food". Is anyone else using cream cheese? Anything similar that she would like that might be better for her?

  • I have never used cream cheese, but it is kind of healthy… at least for people. It might become an expensive habit, lol. 🙂

    When I think of people food, I think of anything that doesn't resemble nature. So, I give my b's the following "people food": leftover steak, chicken, pork (no cooked bones), raw vegies, raw fruits, cooked vegies... soup, as long as there isn't noodles in it... rice, baked potato, squash, pumpkin...

    I have two basenjis that love cooked brussell sprouts (but yes, it's smelly later, lol!) 🙂 😉

  • Cream Cheese is fine to use… it is just as much "people food" as peanut butter. And since I feed a mix of raw or steamed veggies and raw or cooked meat... obviously that is "people" food...

    I think that when it is talked about people food it is about "scapes" which is mostly things like the fat off of meat that people don't want and not good for your animals either.

    My kids love all veggies, especially root veggies... and love, love, love sweet potatoes or yams. Mine also get yogart and cottage cheese and pumpkin....

  • I often hide Spencer's pills in cream cheese. I use the lower fat kind. And for a change, I sometimes use the strawberry cream cheese and, occasionally, a soft cheese spread.

    Spencer never cared for peanut butter, either, though he likes peanut butter treats from the barkery. He also likes yogurt and hummus, but won't touch pumpkin and sweet potatoes. It's funny how they all have such individual tastes.

    Glad to hear Waffles is settling in and enjoying her new home!

  • I also use it as a pill delivery system.
    we also like cooked sweet potatoes. you could mush that into the kong.

  • In training I use cream cheese, hot dogs, string cheese, peanut butter along with actual dog treats 😉

    Use what works…just don't go overboard 🙂

  • Mine also love cream cheese, and pieces of string cheese, cottage cheese although that could get messy. They love baked sweet potato, skin and all, and brussel sprouts (yes, smelly later), green beans, one loves peas the other hates them - carrots cooked or uncooked - whatever will work is good, so long as it is healthy for people, it will be healthy for your dog - i.e., no fatty leftover meat, etc.

  • Too funny to see how many people use string cheese.. Oakley loves it, though I originally got it for myself as a quick "pick me up" at work.. He is very picky with fruits and vegetables… He will not eat green beans or tomatoes, lettuce... He loves to lick strawberries until you think theyve been dehydrated but won't eat them, will eat apples but reluctantly and NEVER with the skin..funny enough he will steal my jalape?o pistachios and eat sweet tart candies...his tastes are pretty much like mine when it comes to sweets and while I eat vegetables an fruits, they aren't my favorite! It's funny to give him something new and see how he reacts. I say of cream cheese works then roll with it, it's just good that food is becoming a motivating factor for gaining positive behaviors.

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