I know this is not the right section but couldn't think where to put it!!

I have a double/triple lead which I brought from a US website. I'm looking for another because this nonwe is getting worn but can't find the site. The manufactures tag has worn off years ago.

Does any one know where I can get them, please? I can only walk my Basenjis 2 to 3 at a time now and this lead has one handle, then a swivel piece where the leads are attached so that they never tangle.

I can't find anything like in the UK although I've tried every manudfacturer I can think of.

I have a EZYDOG (ezydog.com), has a handle with a 2 foot lead with a swivel buckle at the end, then I have 2 leads (3 or 4 ft, can't remember) that attach to the buckler, works great for 2 dogs, but tangles when walking three.

My husband has made me a lovely 3 lead / 1 handle walking lead, I couldn't manage walking all 3 without it!

I got this coupler by ruffwear a couple of years ago on sale at llbean for $5…works fine, but I don't really use it all that often.


Thank you to all for your replies. It isn't really a coupler lead - we can get these here. the leads are a normal length and can be used on their own if necesaary although they have clips on both ends. They are actually then joined onto a swivel joint and a handle attached to that. Each dog is able to move in a different direction if necessary. For instance, one of mine likes to jump up on walls or banks and whoever is attached doesn't have to follow. With a coupler they are much moore restricted. Thank you for the suggestion Ivoss and Renaultone.

Macpack - I'm going to look on the Ezydog site now because that sounds like it. I walk the quietest on the third and don't find they tangle.

Was it something like this?

Krunzer, thank you. These look more like mine but I've e mailed them for the size of the leashes which seem to be shorter than the one i've got.

Patty-try Pparkpet.com-Under the I series tab!

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