What age for nursing pups and what mix?

Hi All,

I have some ideas about what to do for this but I was really interested in hearing new techniques or updated info. Our pups are 3 weeks old and growing nicely. At what age do you like to supplement nursing with prepared food and what do you like to prepare? Thanks in advance.


I start as soon as the eyes open… but it is really not till they are about 4wks that they really will show much interest in eating "slop" on their own. After the eyes open I just make a slop mix and let them slurp it off my fingers. To really get them interested in eating I make a mix of ground meat, honey and raw egg.

I do as Pat but normally start with ground meat only. I feed them in my lap one at a time and its a great way to get them used to being handled.

I only ever supplement nursing and leave it to Mum to wean them naturally. It then makes for a smooth transition.

I agree with weaning them naturally….

Thank your for the advice.

Well my B mix babies are 3wks old and I gave them some food…canned puppy food and they INHALED it! Well ate it and kinda spread it all over my kitchen lol. BIG mess...I gave them a little to see if they had interest and boy did they! All 9 were eating it up good!

Once the eyes open, I start mine on food, however I grind up kibble into a powder and mix with milk replacement till it is like thick, thick soup. Then I let them lick it off my fingers…. they catch on pretty quickly.

Then by about 3 1/2 wks they are pretty good at eating this a few times a day. Try and time it so that they are offered the food before they nurse.

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