Looking for a Brindle Pup

Hey all, New timer on the forum, but owned by my red princess for the past five years. Im in school and am thinking of getting my self another basenji. I understand i need a male, not for breeding purposes, but b.c my Chiomba doesn't like other females around me. Which makes it tough when my girlfriend is over. Any ways, I'm looking for a Male Brindle Pup, An all brindle Head is a plus, but I'm not to picky. Can any one point me to a good breeder? Thanks!

If your not going to be breeding, how about a rescue. www.basenjirescue.org

Check out www.basenji.org for breeders.

Im trying to avoid rescues. Only because Chiomba Dayo, my basenji, was a rescue from a mill and has died once already on me. Animal CPR brought her back, NOT KIDDING. reason's for her incident are still UNKNOWN! 4 years later, $8K .
Not that i have anything against rescuing, i just don't want to take a gamble again. Ill post pics of her in the Pic thread with her life story, maybe someone can relate.

I think you are too late this yr to get a brindle as there were not a lot of them born this season and they were all reserved well in advance. There are still some breeders with red and white and black and whites available, the www.basenji.org is a good place to start. Most people reserve a yr in advance for a puppy.

Unfortuntely puppy mills do have a lot of brindles, but you don't want to go there for so many health and temperment issues. You might consider going to some of the LGRA events in your area, there are a ton of basenjis running in Frenchtown and Ringoes, they can point you in the direction of people planning litters who might possibly have brindles, but they are not all that common in your area.


Not that i have anything against rescuing, i just don't want to take a gamble again.

You can be blindsided by health problems no matter where the dog comes from. (especially in a case like yours, where the cause has not been diagnosed). Of course after your experience you want to avoid a puppy mill rescue, but there are lots of well bred deserving dogs where the history is known. Unless you are dead set on a puppy, perhaps an older pup or dog from a breeder might fit the bill as well.

Here is Chiomba's story, http://www.basenjiforums.com/showthread.php?13085-Chiomba-Dayo-s-Unexplained-incident

and here is the princess her self

Ill look into www.basenji.org

thanks for all your help! I'm new to this whole forum thing, and so far it's been a pretty cool experience

WOW… Ringos and Frenchtown... brings back memories since I grew up Bucks County (across the Delware in PA)......

I read her story and I have not heard of many Bs with heart problems that came from commercial breeders. I rescued one almost 10 years ago that did although it was not a major heart problem thank goodness. I could not find your dog in the Basenji Pedigree Database. Do you have her pedigree information?


I can Write to brat and ask, but we weren't allowed to have her pedigree when we adopted her. I guess they withheld that information? u will write to BRAT tonight after my classes. Also, maybe if you look under the name Harmony. That was her name when we adopted her.

You do not have to ask BRAT. Did you get her from a foster on the East Coast-possibly SC or from MO? Was she with her mom and her littermates?


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