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Thanks Mac. I messaged Sherwood a few days ago but haven't heard anything back yet. Keeping hopes up.

Robyn Dubbert (Sherwood basenjis) in Atlanta has 2 litters, not sure if all are spoken for. I think they are 6 or 7 weeks old now. A little further to drive thatn you want, though.

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Thanks Lisa.
I think we end up having to wait until next year, but start getting our name on lists now. 🙂
My husband has his heart set on a brindle male and I know they are harder to come by.


Maybe Tad or Dyann can give you a recommendation for someone else. Many breeders will travel to the Indianapolis show in a couple weeks and Louisville next month, so you could probably get a puppy transferred there from an Ohio breeder. Try Kyle Cabrell or Sue Kite as they would be at both those shows. Unfortunately a lot of people I know bred , but it did not take this yr. I will have two Meisterhaua litters next yr if you want to wait. I'm sure Tad would get you on the waiting list for next yr. I would love to have some of my pups do agility.

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I have been searching, emailing, texting and calling breeders for months now with no luck.
The only responders with pups are the BYB folks… two in Houston area alone!

I feel so defeated! 😞

I am told I am on a waiting list for Meisterhaus and a maybe for one of Dyan Bauhman's pups but it seems like that will be a no since she only had 3 and people ahead of me. Any suggestions on GOOD breeders that do have pups within a day's drive of Oklahoma City? (Or willing to ship if need-be)

Our ideal situation is a brother-sister pair but two separate families is okay. No breeding or conformation showing, but possible agility-type showing in the future. Hubby wants a brindle male and I want a red female.

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