• so its been a week now since Ebony has come to stay with us.

    shes fitting in perfectly. i have forgotten what its like to have a puppy around (have to put things away again! she lovvves undies lol) but apart from that shes fitting in great.

    found out that her & Hope share the same dad too so they are actually half sisters! we have decided to keep her (and the land lady has approved) YAY!

    She is a big on cuddles and loves sleeping on her back with her legs in the air lol (Hope only does this sometimes - i think its hilarious) she has the cutest personality on her. they walk great together (no leash aggression). eat treats together (however i do feed them separately at dinner time - but they will only eat if they can see each other lol) and generally get up to mischief together double trouble OR Ebony gets up to mischief when Hope knows better and Hope sits there with the whole innocent i had no part in this look. how can one get mad at a basenji :rolleyes:

    Hope had an obsession with toilet rolls when she was a pup. Ebony does too. Hope had grown out of it and we could leave the bag of toilet rolls in the toilet with no fear of it being attacked. BRAIN FART! … Ebony thought that would be something awesome to shred... so i walk into my lounge room (i was gone outside for like 2 mins) to find what was left of 8 shredded toilet rolls... and both basenjis in the middle of it (Hope couldnt help herself on that one n had to join in). So i roused on them and quickly tidied up the 8 shredded rolls... still trying to think of a way to explain the disappearance of several rolls and why the few that i could save have bite marks in them, to the other half giggle

    if toilet rolls are my only issues - im laughing hehe (i vote that it was my fault for leaving them there anyway - omg havent the basenjis got us trained!)

    heres some cute pics of the girls together 🙂

    we are getting our SANTA PAWS photos done tomorrow with Santa ($10 - goes to the RSPCA) so that will be fun. Will have to post the photo when we get it.

  • They both look so happy to have each other

  • yes, i think so too.

    it rained all day today. so i forced the girls to go outside while there was a break in the rain cos they were starting to go stir crazy in the house (getting up to mischief he he). got a pretty pic of them trying to hug the house so they didnt get their paws wet. he he as well as some wrestle time inside.

    never thought id have two basenji's but they are the best (and even the OH agrees with me he he)

  • What a great picture of the two of them sharing a bed! It looks like they have been friends forever. I find it usually takes a bit longer for dogs to share a sleeping space.


  • You'd think thye'd known each other all their lives. They are so sweet.

  • hehe i know, they seem to really connect with each other.

    i recorded this vid tonight. just got the end of them wrestling in bed and then they done some lappies up n down the hallway. they had been playing like that all night cos its been raining here all day.


  • I love the trust when they put each others ears or heads in their mouths..

  • I agree with Patty… it looks like they have known each other for a lifetime already! Isn't it wonderful when that happens? Such lovely girls! And I am so happy that your landlady has allowed you to have both of them. I think she deserves a wee Christmas gift. 😃

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