S-n-e-a-k-i-n-g up on a Champion

Jazzy was Winner's Bitch {and Best of Opposite} today in Bremerton, WA.:D
She was just lovely!!

It was a small show, so she got one point. That leaves just one more teeny weeny point to get to finish.

I think she likes the shows and I know she LOVES seeing Bryan, so she is taking her time finishing so she gets to spend more time with him. 😉

And we got to witness Ambered's Fender take home his first blue ribbon, too!

Yay! Congrats and good luck…I hope that last point comes soon!

almost there! she is so lovely. it wont be long now. when is your next show?

Congratulations! That is very good news.

Congratulations!! Hope you finish next show!!

Next show is supposed to be in about three weeks in Moses Lake, WA.

Of course, AFTER I told Bryan we could make it, my daughter reminded me that her friend is getting married the weekend that I think the show is, and as I've known the girl since she was three, I am excited to go.

IF that is the weekend, then Bryan will probably have to take her for the weekend. Then if she does well, I won't get to see her finish….wah!

WOW Congrats to you both!!

Super….. big congrats from the Tanza Kids!

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