• Just an idea I'm tossing around and I would like to get opinions.

    I'm thinking of starting a memorial fund in my Gramma's name to be used for Fanconi testing rescue dogs under BRAT's care. I wouldn't be able to start with much, maybe $1,000 and control of the fund would be given exclusively to BRAT with the caveat that money be used to test unknown Basenji before placing them into homes.

    I remember how devastated Ms. Sharron was when she found out a. Basenji she placed developed this terrible disease. It would be great if that was able to be avoided in the future.

    Comments and ideas?

  • While it is a great thought, I don't think that BRAT wants to test… as the thought is that if the test is affected, they would have no chance of placement. Right or wrong, I believe that is their position at this time

  • Yeah, please let them know I did not suggest or put you up to it. I get shut down every time I bring it up.

    If they place about 300 dogs a year x $65 per dog, the cost is almost $20,000 per year to test all dogs. Do I think it is doable to get enough breeders and owners to sponsor one dog a year? Absolutely and have volunteered (or tried to) to help organize it. It isn't going to happen unless/until the entire current board and PTB are replaced.

    Frankly, I'd rather see 10 to 20 dogs euthanized every year that have Fanconi and have the organization do the right responsible thing so that adopters know. Instead they have the attitude that if you want a rescue from them, you have to be willing to accept you could be getting a dog with Fanconi.

    Failing a willingness to test, I think there needs to be a serious handout explaining the disease, explaining the risks, the general costs if your dog has it (blood work being a big expense if done as frequently as recommended – well to ME facing $300 or more a year is a biggie when for 65 you could have known the dog was fine). It isn't going to happen.

  • Sadly, Fanconi often costs a lot more than $300/year. And as difficult as the financial costs can be, the emotional costs are so much worse.

    I think you are making a very nice gesture, AJsHuman, and I'm sure your grandmother would be both proud and touched. I wish BRAT would consider the testing– and I would happily contribute to such a fund-- but I know that Debra and others have fought this battle many times. If you are so inclined, perhaps you could start a fund to help Fanconi dogs in need. Many Basenji humans have insufficient resources when their dogs become sick and require extra vet care and meds. I have no idea how this would work or how it could be organized and administered, but Fanconi does put a financial strain on many Basenji households and prevents some Fanconi dogs from getting the care they need to live a near-normal life. Just a thought.

  • Thank you for your responses. Eclipse was one of my Gramma's favorites. While there is no way to know for sure, I believe she was a Fanconi affected. Her time was quite a bit before testing was available, but she showed many of the symptoms of Fanconi. Gramma developed her own protocol that made "Ekie's" life pretty much normal. She had to be fed separately from the other dogs and Gramma shoved various vitamins down her neck that the others didn't get. Ekie was a pretty happy girl despite being so thin.

    I love the idea of starting some sort of foundation to help support families with affected dogs. Since I'm on the road so much, it would be difficult for me to directly administer something like that. Anyone with the passion and savvy to help, I'd like to maybe put some heads together and see what we come up with.

    How does the name "Nonpareil Foundation" sound?

  • That sounds lovely.

  • A very kind thought, your offer. It might be better to just watch posts and "help" folks who need it when their b's get sick.

  • I think that considering the fact that BRAT won't accept funds for testing, the alternative idea of creating a foundation for fanconi affected basenjis is a great alternative. If you worry or concern is about running it, maybe you could look to the BCOA and see if they can't run the foundation through the ranks there. Just a thought

  • I will pass this idea along to my breeder – she's invovled with BCOA.
    And I would be willing to contribute as well.

  • You know, what a great idea–- BCOA helping with funds for adopted dogs, no matter where they came from if proven adopted.

  • Yes it would, however there needs to be a person that is willing to take this on…. if the board approves this. And someone needs to have a plan, details, etc to submit to the board.

    Maybe work with the Rescue Committee?? Bottom line is that while a great idea, can't expect BCOA to take this on and find workers.

  • I hope this works out for you… and the dogs. It's such a kind, generous idea and a lovely tribute to your grandmother!

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