Isis is in Heat!!! aggggggg..

  • Isis is now 10 months and seems to be in heat…. She has minor discharge of blood, oder, etc. I was hoping th spay her before this happens but it looks to be too late. How long should I wait now before I do it? I would think that I should wait until she is back to normal? Any advise is welcome.

  • This is the time for females to go into heat. Be super careful about keeping her away from any intact male dogs. And remember, if you let her into a backyard (fenced) she has to be supervised every second, because male dogs are known to jump over a fence to get to a female in heat.

    Regarding when to spay her, some of the more senior people on this forum will be able to give you the best advice. From what I understand, you have to wait until she is well out of heat.

  • You can spay while she is in heat, but it's not recommended. The dog may lose alot of blood during the surgery, and you need to find a vet that really knows what s/hes doing. But many vets refuse to do it.

    When to spay kinda depends on your vet. But I'd wait until she's completely out of her heat. About a month or so after she's done. Call your vet and ask. 🙂

  • Most Vets will not spay during season unless it is an ER situation. Best to wait. And Basenjis are in season 30 days

  • I agree -wait and then consult your vet. There are so many different opinions on the best time to spay.

    Be on extra alert with her because a male can smell a female in heat from a long wayand are very ingenious at finding ways in. We are visited by local farm dogs when our bitches are in heat and the nearest farm to ours is at least a mile away!!

  • I concur with the advice about keeping a close eye on her. A friend with a show quality English Setter had a problem when a Basset Hound climbed on a garbage can to get over the fence and gain access to her dog run!

    When my girl was in heat, I had a neutered male GSD/Husky cross who was out in our dog run with her and my spayed bitch. Maybe it was because of his presence, but we had no intruders. He was delighted that the formally disdainful girl "loved" him for the duration of her heat. It was hilarious but sad when she went out of season and totally rejected him again!

  • I did have a rescue spayed when she was just going into season-swelling but no discharge. The spay was two days after I noticed. She had no problems at all. I had to get her spayed as I had also rescued her father and had her littermate brother who were both intact! I was not expecting her to go into season so soon as it was early September and she was born in early January. I think the other females who she was with brought her in.


  • I always think, wait untill she is in between seasons, with a basenji that gives you for sure enough time to wait a couple of months to spay her.
    When you have a choice, and the time, wait untill she is totally out ofher season. (whe her hormone balance is normal again)

  • i know this is an older thread, but…..

    i am hoping to get Ebony spayed this week. she was born 5/5/2011 which makes her going onto 8mths old, this month. i should have enough time to still get her spayed before her season ? it should be at the end of this week (friday) or the start of next week (monday).

    Hope had her first heat at about 8 and a half months/9month stage. (why im anxious to get Ebony in so quickly).

  • They all read the books different.. (Basenjis that is)….. Your Vet will know when you take her in if she happens to be coming in season.... unless you see signs of it first

  • Ebony was all puppy dog eyes for an entire male at the dog park yesterday arvo. he wasn't interested in her though.

    She's in getting desexed today 🙂

    Any tips on bringing her home to an excited sister? Obviously I'll keep her crated and somehow distract Hope for a bit 🙂 and more so in the days after?

  • When you crate Hope keep the crate right beside Ebony's. Feed them side by side. The main thing is to keep them as close together as possible. If possible take them for good long walks together. I'm sure you'll find you have no problems as they're already good pals. Keep their adrenaline levels low - no excited games for a few days. Just keep an eye on the two of them.

  • Apparently im not supposed to take her for walk, let her run or jump for 10 days… Uhm how? Unless I crate her 24/7? Lol any ideas?

    I got her home yesterday arvo. She basically slept the arvo and night with wake up for a small dinner. She wasn't keen on seeing Hope so we left her sleeping in our room (in the crate). Normally the girls sleep with us. We hardly crate them (they are crate trained though, best thing I ever done with Hope as that paid off when she dislocated her hip and she had to be crate bound).

    This morning was better. Leashed Ebony and let her walk to the lounge to see Hope. I told hope to be gentle (everything's about playing according to her) and told her she's not allowed to play. Ebby laid down into me and Hope came over n sniffed her and then licked her ear and flead her face. Ebby then decided to lay against her and Hope put her head over her back n they laid there for a while, was really sweet. Gave them breakfast and then I put Ebony in bed and Hope (under the covers together) and we had a good long sleep. Have taken them out to the loo and now have crates Ebony and let them have a raw bone each which keep them occupied for a while now.

  • Glad she is doing so well.

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