• I'm curious and a little freaked out by my girl showing signs she's coming into heat again. She is 15 months old and came into heat last September at 8-9 months old (for a month). I was sorta planning on the month of September as being our cuddly doggy month - she was sooo mellow in heat and very cuddly. I'm looking for experiences to understand what to expect in the future. Is she a twice-a-year in heat Basenji? Is the cycle random?

    Thanks for your help and experience!

  • There are some Basenjis that are twice a year (and yes they are in season for a month)..... could be that there is another bitch near you that is in season and brought your girl in.... if you go to a dog park, there may have been a bitch there that was in season or just coming in or going out...

  • @tanza Well, we've been overrun by coyotes this season and they just finished up their breeding season. They are all around us, at our fence, in our yard (and we have a six foot fence around the property). My girl has a neutered male Basenji mix she plays with - he wasn't fazed yesterday by her being in heat, thankfully. That boy just wants to hunt lizards. I think I should have gotten a male - so much easier! I don't want to spay but am weighing the plus/minuses. No kennel will let her near them - not that I use kennels much and never overnight so far ... but it needs to be an option in an emergency. Uggghhhh.

  • I just remembered my neighbor (with the B mix) said her adjacent neighbors' female dog is in heat right now. Those people let their dog run around loose in the neighborhood, so yes, there is a bitch in heat here. Those people are the reason people in the USofA are fanatical about spay/neuter such that it has become a given part of pet culture here.

  • This might be the reason that your girl is in season with neighbors bitch in season.... she is young and will be "brought" into season... plus your coyotes....

  • doodle, while spayed, is also in season this spring... Our walks have turned into traveling from one yard to the next with a stop so she can "mark it" with her scent. She has never been this fanatical before. Mother nature is intense!

  • @elbrant I've only ever had female dogs and most have marked and all were from animal shelters and came to me spayed. It was sort of fascinating watching these females mark. Last September when my 8 month old was in heat she marked in a way I'd never seen before - she could spread that urine over big areas walking and peeing at the same time making a serpentine path of urine that went quite a long way.

  • Its perfectly normal for a young Basenji bitch to have an early (7 or 8 months old) season, and then settle into a normal, annual routine.

    However, they can be brought into season by others in the pack. When we had 5 entire females, they all regularly came in twice a year. But it was obvious they were not all true seasons. Efforts to breed one of them in the Autumn season were a total failure, but she had two very successful summer litters. She clearly only ovulated once a year, in Spring, but was encouraged to have a token dribble along with the rest of the girls when they had their true seasons in Autumn.

    On the other hand, the four 'autumnal girls' always had a token dribble in Spring time along with the one odd girl out.

    We were extremely careful each season season, 'in case' !

  • Very interesting! I almost think this might not be a "true" season as she is not as swollen as the first time but she's definitely dripping plenty of blood. It's early so more swelling might happen. No way I'm taking any chances for sure. I grew up in a "must spay / neuter" culture so this is all new to me. Thanks for the info.

  • My female Sparkle has come into heat again. Definitely a challenge keeping her separated from Logan. She had a litter in December, so it’s much too soon for her to have another litter. Still, I want to keep give my breeder a tri female, so we will try again in the fall if we can find the right mate. Most domestic breeds have two heats a year. Basenjis are only supposed to have one. But, of course we all know Basenji‘s never read the manual. 🤣

  • @jengosmonkey - Sparkle is having a "post birth" season... very typical and then they will go back to the normal cycles. Many times this is not a "real" season and many that breed on that cycle do not take.

  • @tanza I’ve heard about the post birth season, so maybe that’s what it is. Weird thing is she had a season last May as well. She’d never been bred and was 2 and a 1/2 at the time. This is her second bi annual season. Make it stop! 😆

  • Almost certainly, Greg. But good luck for getting her in whelp at the next one. Thereafter it will probably go for one more post parturition season and then revert to a more (Basenji) normal cycle of one a year.

  • Well… I’m traveling and my wife is home, working, and trying to keep the peace in my absence. Sparkle is in full-blown heat. Logan is inconsolable and doing everything he can to get to her. What a mess. She’ll get through it but NOT happy with the situation or me. Timing SUCKS! Do you ever notice that sometimes life can be a challenge? 😆

  • @jengosmonkey With a Basenji (or two) ? Of course it is ! I wouldn't have it any other way though, would you ?

  • FWIW, from an inexperienced intact bitch owner ... I'm quite sure this has been a full blown 'heat' as my girl has been very swollen, blood everywhere. Not the mellow pup of her first heat. She's been bouncing off the walls and any time I leave home she howls relentlessly. Poor, poor girl. She is not the happy, destructive girl I know and love. I thought maybe she is howling for a boy ... and maybe she is ... but she does not do this when I'm home; only when I'm gone and my hubby is home (and possibly when left alone though no proof of this).

  • @beth314 But is all over now ? She should settle to an annual routine from now on. I had a bitch who would scream for a man from about Day 4, every year. One time, to shut her up, we mated her and got 4 lovely puppies. But I am not suggesting you should do this each year !!!

  • @Beth314 I feel your pain. I just got back from an extended trip visiting and helping out my parents in another state. The second day I was back was the first day in many weeks that Sparkle and Logan could be together. So her heat is finally over as well. My wife had to keep them separated and hold the peace while I was away. To say it was a challenge would be a gross understatement. I have a few repairs to make around the house. She was as determined as he was. The howling while they were separated was incessant. Many thanks to my breeder who called and talked my wife off the ledge.

    Both got baths yesterday. I hope most of any residual hormones went down the drain. They're much calmer now. She's definitely not having any of his occasional attention at this point; although, they do play together again.

    I believe your girl will get back to being herself soon, Maybe not back to her puppy self, but I'm sure you'll recognize her again very soon. At the very least we can say we survived! 👊 😅 👍

  • @zande - The only way that I could keep the male "happy" was to kennel him next to the bitches in season.... If I was home and the boy was out and the girls kenneled, my boy would grab hold of the crate and drag it around.... He didn't eat for weeks, cried all the time unless he was right next to the girls... makes for fun times.... NOT! And since Basenjis are typically in for a month, that month is like a YEAR!

  • @tanza and explains why I now have just two boys. I was lucky when we had 3 intact boys and 5 more than willing ladies that the boys could be housed up in the orchard with a huge area to run in. Fenced, of course. Far enough away from the girls in the house where they had access to the rest of the garden.

    A nursery alarm beside my bed let me share the pain of the rest of the village at two am when they all gave tongue.

    Such joy when they could be reunited!

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