Basenji sighting? (circa 1939)

Hi experts,

I'm in the process of digitizing family photos and was sort of stunned to find these two shots in my mother's childhood photo album. What do you think? Is this a Basenji? In rural Nebraska in the late 1930's?

I can't ask my mom; she passsed away several years ago…before I found my beloved basenji...before I'd even heard of the breed!

Thanks for your input!

Wow, what a cool find that is! That could be Ann. How's Noel doing?

I know! A cool find. It looks basenji-ish, doesn't it? We always said my mom would have loved Noel. Guess we were right.

Noel is doing really well. She remains the anchor in our daily busy-ness. She's waiting for me to go to work now, so she can have a proper undisturbed nap!


Could be a basenji or mix, cute dog!

I don't think it's a Basenji or even a mix.. only because according to AKC the first litter of Basenji puppies raised to maturity was in 1941, so it was a very new breed to our country at that time! It's a very cute dog regardless!! I can see where it can be mistaken for a Basenji mix with those adorable ears! I would love to see these pictures enhanced/in color. Very interesting find! 🙂

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