BRAT puppies in nevada

Brat has the say, so when they go to their forever homes, I'll let you all know. I'll miss them, But my B boys think they have over stayed they visit. They are use to having all the attention. DenisJean Webb

They are so very special. Do update us from time to time please.

We had a puppy fight at 4:30 Am this morning. Poor BlackJack got the wost of it. His ear was swollen this morning, so off to the vet, no harm to ear, just have to whatch it. No Blood clot, Yea!! I think the charming, very cute, people pup The Queen did it. If she is sleeping and pup wants in the cage and they wake her up. There will be war! She wont let them in to sleep, until she decides the have been punished enough. I don't need a TV. DenisJean

laugh, when you have a litter of puppies to help raise, you don't need a hobby or a have one. Glad everyone came out without major damage.

Puppy update!!! Chip just left this morning to her forever home. Queen is going to be picked up today, (after petsmart run!) and Blackjack is going to be picked up on the 28th. He is going to OH. His people are coming out and flying him home. In the cabin. The girls are staying here in Las Vegas. All familys are long time Basenji people. Chip will have a bossie cat and a B brother, Queen will have a B sis and B brother. The same for Blackjack. Now we have three to go. I'm so happy that they will have their own people and homes, to share their love. DenisJean

First Basenji's

Uh oh. I just fell in love with King! He looks like a mini-me of my Prince!

I am so glad to hear that they are going to homes who understand them and will love them forever!. Bye Chip, be a good little doggie for someone! (Chip would have been my pick)

Y'a know, I wanted the girls. But when you have BRAT looking for homes, I never doubt they were going to find good homes so I can cheer and celebrate. HOWEVER, please please please ask BRAT to have them join us here so we can watch those kids grow up!

Where in OH is the puppy going? I live in the Dayton area and a good Basenji vet is Dr. Tracy Leonard.


King is still looking for his home. He is very gental and loving. DenisJean

Blackjack is going to Lima, OH Their Vet is in same town. DenisJean

I'll send a link or ask the new owners to join. DenisJean

Chip is now "Cleo" and they said their boys, (young adluts) were fighting over who would sleep with her. She was sitting on a lap while they worked on the computer. SO…she has already strated their training on how to be good Basenji slaves. DenisJean

Just heard from Oren, the three boys have homes, just waiting for home checks. I hope they all go well. One in AZ two in CA. So all should be gone in a week or two. DenisJean

You have done a wonderful job on raising these puppies…

First Basenji's

Oh boy! Which one is coming to Arizona?

I'm not sure, if the home check goes well, it will be King r/w or Ace tri. (I think) I don't have a say really, just some input, Oren of Brat makes the final call. Someone in CA asked for Diamond, again if home check is good. Keeping fingers crossed! DenisJean

First Basenji's

They will be lucky people!!!! 🙂

Good job Chip on the basenji-training-human habits. Get em hooked while you are young!

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