• Walking the b's this afternoon in the woods and Cody stepped in a hornets next.
    He got badly nailed, as did I. Thank heavens the other 2 b's didn't have any issues.
    Came home, got some meds on board for my old boy and after a bit he settled down
    with no issues. I put some baking soda and water mix on my stings and that helped.
    What an awful thing to happen on a good afternoon…

  • Wow, that is awful. As much as a bee or wasp sting hurts, I can't imagine getting stung by multiple hornets. And worse, having a pup get stung as well. glad you are all better.

  • Been years since i was stung..and wasn't by a lot of them..my old boy..came home was screaming..tried to bite me, tried to bite his girls..just in so much pain..finally got the pain stuff on board for him..and i can finally pet him.
    These darn things keep smarting so far after the bee is gone.. Glad he didn't have a reaction to the poison.

  • That sounds like a nightmare! What on earth does one do? Benedryl?

  • 😞 What a bad thing to have happen. Glad you and he are okay.

  • Wow what a terrible experience Sharron. Hornets don't have barbs on their stingers so don't lose them and can continually sting you. Hope you both recover quickly.

  • Had a Rottweiler board member that happened to with her 3 Rotties, but they were stung so horrible that she lost 2 of them before she could get to the emergency vet, nearly went into shock herself from the stings (they took her in an ambulance from the ER vet). So while terrifying, I am so very glad things weren't worse. (((hugs)

  • What a tough piece of luck! Makes me wonder if I should carry a first aid kit when I hike with Perry. He is also a dog who would give me trouble if he was in pain. Of the Basenjis I have owned, I believe two would be difficult to manage if injured, the other three would recognize that you were trying to help and wouldn't bite. My one bitch would lash out at anything that came near her if she was hurting, including me and her best friend B. Makes an injury difficult to deal with. Throwing a towel or jacket over the dog's head in a pinch usually works to avoid the chainsaw jaws!

  • @agilebasenji:

    That sounds like a nightmare! What on earth does one do? Benedryl?

    I have found that Shaye has a bad reaction to any bites, mosquitoes, black flies, etc. - she swells and won't leave them alone - I find Benedryl helps a lot, and have gotten Benedryl Gel, which I rub on the bites. Seems to work very well and she leaves them alone. I'm also allergic, so I can relate very well to what they go through and what helps.

  • Oh, that does sound like an awful day! Once, Spencer stuck his nose right up to a bumblebee. That was a costly sniff. His poor muzzle was so swollen and sore. I had to take him for a Benadryl shot and keep compresses on it for hours. I hope you and Cody feel better!

  • Wow Sharon, sorry to read this. Bee stings are scary. Brando was stung (didn't see it happen and had no idea it had happened) earlier this summer while was was walking him and he went into anaphylaxis. He dropped to the ground about a quarter mile from my house. I picked him up (figuring it was an allergic reaction to something) and ran like h3ll to my house. Ran upstairs with him and when I opened his mouth to give him a benadryl his mouth was completely white (including tongue) inside. I gave him the benadryl and honestly when he swallowed hard I thought he might be taking his last breath. Thankfully within about 5 minutes he started to come around. Every walk we do with him now we carry benadryl. My vet also gave me injectable benadryl for him instead if an Epi pen. Scary, scary.

  • Not to drag the thread too much off topic, but anaphylaxis has to be one of the scariest things. I was at the vet's to pick something up one day, and a woman had just left with her dog. She came back in and asked for paper towel, which was given to her. I walked out with her, and she said her dog had just vomited in the car. I asked if the dog had had any treatment, and she replied "vaccinations". I said "Bring him back in" and ran back to tell the vet. In the meantime, the dog had collapsed and there were some tense moments while they worked on him. Good idea not to leave immediately after having shots given! The owner didn't know what she was looking at…...and I was very glad I had asked her why she needed the paper towels.

    Sharon, I am so glad this ended well for you, and I think it is a valuable wake up call for those of us who might not have thought about the possibility of a bee or hornet sting while hiking. I know up until now I mostly worried about skunks, porcupines, and coyotes!

  • I can relate to the whole stung by wasps. Tucker and I were at a dog show and in the campsite he was tied up with a cable and tried to go into the bush to go to the potty. Well he came out screaming, like ony a basenji can, and he was yellow with wasps!!! My husband grabbed him and wiped the wasps off of him and someone from across the campsite yelled out to come get some Benadryl for him. He got bit this summer by some ants or mosquitoes or something and had a fairly bad reaction to them as well..he would welt up and get a pimple-like blister. So off to the grocery store I go to find some benadryl again…...they had Cinnamon or Bubblegum......I took the bubblegum...he didn't like it too much but I think it would have been much better than the cinnamon!

  • Sorry for the late update. Cody was find the second day..i was stung much more then he was and thank heavens, didn't have a reaction. i was so worried about the old boy, i woke up every 2 hrs to check his face to see he wasn't getting puffy.
    Glad to report, we are both doing well. Cody got 3 stings, i think I counted 11. Glad we are both tough! laugh.

  • Great news Sharron!

  • Very glad to hear you are both doing well. 🙂

  • Thanks for all the good wishes. Watch out for those hornets..bad news.

  • Sorry to hear of your ordeal, Sharron. I'm pleased to hear that you're both healing - it cold have been farworse. Healing hugs to Cody and you.

  • Glad to hear that you are both doing ok. I have heard of a dog just this summer (not a 😎 who got stung by a hornet a couple of times, went to bed and didn't get up the next morning. That is very scary and like I said nice to know you two are ok.

  • That sounds like a scarey experience, so glad things have turned out ok. Thats a good tip re the benedryl.

    I had an afghan hound once that swelled up and looked like a bloodhound! He had lumps all along his back too, the vet thought that it was a reaction to a sting, we never did know what caused it, it didn't ever happen again.

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