Kipawa and his FoPaw's play date - part 1

  • Well, we are back from Washington state, and I have to say that Kevin and Therese Leimback were incredible hosts for our first FoPaw's Basenji Play Date.

    The weekend was filled with so much. All of the dogs got to do some lure coursing, though due to the heat, the lure coursing was done very early in the day. After each dog ran, they were placed in a kiddy swimming pool to have their feet cooled down and water splashed on them. I really have to apologize for not taking any pictures of the coursing - I was so busy watching it!

    We got to meet an African basenji named Dexter (yes, named after the TV show). I have to say that he was not as nasty as the TV Dexter - he was in fact a very polite basenji. He was the biggest basenji there, with (I believe) Kipawa being the next biggest.

    Kipawa loved reuniting with is human Dad #1 and Mother #1. I could tell he didn't forget them. When we drove up to Kevin and Therese's home, Kipawa got antsy when we were about a half mile away. This was repeated on the second day. I KNOW he could tell where he was going, as his sounds weren't like anything I have heard before - it was a very distinctive whining.

    It was touching to also see Kipawa's basenji Mom and Dad. I thanked them for giving me such a wonderful son. I am a bit of a wuss when it comes to things like that - I could barely hold back my tears, especially when I looked at his Dad Sober, thinking that in 10 years or so, Kipawa might be looking like him.

    So, here are a few pictures. I apoligize that I cannot remember all the dogs that were there. I will be sending Therese all of the pics on a CD, so if you were at the event, maybe you can get in touch with her to see if I have a picture of your dog. The two dogs I do remember, other than Kipawa's Mom and Dad, were Dexter and Booth, an incredibly handsome German Shorthair Pointer, who many people wanted to kidnap!

  • Fran, did you talk to Therese about the 'nipping' issue??

  • Kipawa is so handsome 🙂

    It looks like everyone had a great time.

  • Sharron, it was such a busy weekend that I forgot to ask her! I will, and will let her know.

  • I saw the rest of the pictures on another site and it's really lovely to see you all together - Dexter is a brother of our own beloved Cassie, I'm pleased you met him. I too wondered if you'd asked about the nipping but can understand that you forgot considering the wonderful meet-up.

  • @Patty:

    I saw the rest of the pictures on another site

    Were they taken by someone else? If so, I'd love to see them too!

  • Were they taken by someone else? If so, I'd love to see them too!

    No - they were yours but I see you have the others on 'part 2' Therese posted them on Facebook with your permission.

  • @Patty:

    I saw the rest of the pictures on another site and it's really lovely to see you all together - Dexter is a brother of our own beloved Cassie, I'm pleased you met him.

    This is the second time Helena you have alluded to a Native dog being or going to the UK. The first time was when you mentioned being an honorary co-mother to an AKC registered DRC baby. I assume Cassie is Lukuru Constellation Cassiopeia? Has the UK finally opened its arms to native stock; how exciting that would be since so many in the UK were very resistant to the newer genes.

    Sorry if this is common knowledge or I missed the announcement in my hurry up to skim through things.

  • The UK KC does not accept unregistered dogs nowadays. At one time if three respected specialist judges certified a particular dog as typical of its breed the KC would accept the registration but now
    they can only be registered if already registered in certain countries.

    Linda, it's never been true in Basenjis that 'people' (how easy it is to generalise) have been resistant to newer Basenji genes. After all, we wouldn't have the breed at all if we were!!! To some extent I am in agreement with the KC as it does ensure that gene pools remain pure and particularly in the land race breeds.

    Sorry that this is off thread, Fran

  • @Patty:

    Sorry that this is off thread, Fran

    Patty, no problem at all - the more info the better.

  • @Kipawa:

    Patty, no problem at all - the more info the better.

    Thanks Fran for being so hospitable with your thread. :O)

    Sorry Helena, I thought I recently read somewhere on this forum about the resistance UK Basenji fanciers had re: the post 1990 brindles (not to mention the resistance the pre 1990 brindle Binza faced back in the day), which of course came from newer stock.

    If Ms. Wallis' website is correct - there have been in excess of 300 AKC registered 100% direct Avongara descendents since the 1990's and no fancier (that I am aware of) from the UK has ever imported a direct AKC registered descendent nor have they directly bred to one of them - (going off memory so could be wrong and of course I am not including the first Domewood brindles who were all roughly 1/4 native Av stock then quickly enveloped by UK domestics); it is not too much of a generalization for one to think the UK fancy is not too quick to accept these newer genes especially since, as this year's Specialty motto says, I think the 1990 Imports have certainly stood the "test of time" and more than proven themselves in the gene pool.

    That said, it would be great to find that the UK fancy IS becoming more accepting (as the Aussie's are showing themselves to be in recent years as well as some other European countries) and that a native dog has been (or will be) imported - if not by you, then by one of the long time fanciers who has the clout to help showcase and educate to all that they have to offer; that can only be a good thing - yes?

    Sorry I misunderstood about the seemingly (to me at least) resistance and about your having imported Dexter's sister, Cassie, to the UK. My bad for making assumptions.

  • Would it not be better to have just started a new thread, Linda?

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