My dog Cash

Very cute, not sure I really see Basenji, but there are many breeds that have a tail curl like Akitas, Sibs (huskie breeds), and then there are the Shiba's. But all are welcome here… Shiba's are just a Basenji with long hair....gggg

Welcome. Very cute dog.

CAsh is amazing. congrats!!!

Welcome to you and Cash.

Thank you. This is a wonderful web-site. 🙂

His mother is Basenji, his father is German Shepherd. His Grandparents are Basenji!

wow that is a crazy mix! how much does he weigh?

He weighs between 25-28 pounds. 25 in the summer and puffs up to 28 in the winter.

Well I sure see the Shepard, not the Basenji…. ggg... I still would have guessed Shiba.

The coloring reminded me of a Finnish Spitz.


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