New owner by accident (pics added)

  • Hi,
    I recently got a rescue dog, who was labeled a pug/lab mix by the human society. I got her from my sister's coworker's friend's daughter! (whew)

    I took her on, believing that she was a pug/lab mix.I have 4 SMALL children, ages 5, 3, 18months and 6 months. I have an almost 11yr old pug, and I have had labs in the past.

    After a couple days of her being here, I KNEW something was off with this dogโ€ฆI can't quite explain how I knew, but something unsettled me to the pug/lab mix and decided to research dog with with curly tails. Most of them were fluffy dogs, and she is NOT fluffy. Very slick fur, no undercoat, but a slight wave towards her tail, which is the lab in her. I saw basenji, clicked it, and was OMG! thats her other half!!! Did some research, and saw some negative things about them, and was on the fence about keeping her. Mainly due to the fact that a lot of people say they cannot be around children, and if not socialized, will never be good. But, she does have lab in her...and she has been adjusting well, we got her last Tuesday. I've been having quite the inner struggle. So I decided to do MORE research. My older sister has a pitbull, she is the SWEETEST dog I have ever met in my life! (next top my pug of course lol) So I figured, there must have been a handful of stupid people that ruined it for the whole group. I am VERY happy I found this site ๐Ÿ™‚
    Her previous life was a sad one. She was locked up in a house all the time, with no socialization, or meeting people. The humane society estimated her birthday as 10-31-09. She spent 9 months at her former home. She really gets excited to meet people, and is VERY friendly. At almost 2 yrs old, I have faith that she can be socialized, or am I being delusional??

    I read and read (when I could) about how to train a basenji, and realized that I had gone to train her as I would any other dog I have had, my first mistake, based on some saying that b's are like cats, they will listen if theres something in it for them, and she is very much like that! So I changed my training with her.
    Her behavior has improved greatly! She looks less leery when the kids come around her. She did the "whale eye" an awful lot. I have them give her treats, (all except my 6 month old) and I tell them to tell her to sit, (she doesn't listen) so I say sit, and she'll sit, and they give her a treat. She would tense up being petting, but after a lot of praise, she has gotten so much better!!! I still do not trust her 100%, if I cannot watch closely, she goes into a hallway off our living room with a baby gate. Since I starting putting her back there, she has also shown no aggression to my ancient old pug ๐Ÿ™‚
    She did growl at my 2 older boys, but this was MY fault. My 3 yr old stomped on her foot, I didn't yell at her or punish her, I honestly am happy it was just a growl and not an attack! I put my 3 yr old in time out. We had a BIG talk on not stomping on people and animals. The other time was 5 yr old, she was hiding under the computer desk, sleeping. Since then, she goes in the hall to take her naps.

    Anyways, thats my novel length story about me and why I am here!!! I am just so excited to have found this site! I love to learn, and am glad I am able to do that!

  • Welcome Raynebowbrite - so nice that you found this forum. What is the name of your basenji mix? And do share a photo, because we all love photos!

    It's really great to hear that you are not dismissing this dog by what you may have read about basenjis. Yes, the breed has some specific qualities, but that is like any other breed. Also, each individual dog of any breed IS a unique individual. As you mentioned, pit bulls get a bad rap, but you know one who is sweet!

    You may want to get her into an obedience class - they truly are so helpful. I'm starting my second one later this August with my almost 11 month old boy. When you get her into a class, you can have your older children there to watch. Lots of people did that in my first class.

    And keep reading and ask questions - everyone is here to help. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Welcome-glad you found us!
    I got my girl when she was 5 years old and she had a miserable life. We are her 5th home and she is the most affectionate Basenji I ever met.It took her a few months to realize we werent going to smack her or lock her up. She has never met a dog,cat or person she doesnt like or will say Hello to. She still has issues but give your Basenji some time and she may amaze you!

  • We got our first basenji when our son was 2 and never had a problem. I think one of the biggest challenges is teaching the kids to understand that the outside doors must always be securely closed. No standing in open doors talking to someone or having friends running in and out.

  • I got some pics added, so you guys can tell me if I am right or not on my guessing she has some basenji in her. If you need more pics, or different angles, let me know!
    Thanks guys!!!!

  • Cute little girl, but I do not see any Basenji.
    I def see Pug and Lab in her.
    Pugs are quite a bit like Basenjis, so I would guess they are right about the mix.

    Good luck with her!

  • Welcome to the forum and I'm pleased you're learning a reward based training. Please get her to a training class and there she'll meet other dogs and people. Because you don't know all of her background I would continue to be careful around the kids. She probably feels safer behind the baby gate while there is a lot of human activity going on.

    In my opinion the first label is correct but don't let that put you off. Stay on the forum and you'll get excellent advice on training your girl.

  • I see the possibility of pit bull in that face or one of the boxer breeds, but her tiny size, maybe not. I don't see basenji at all.

    How much does she weigh?

    I am going to say my piece and exit this because I'll be flamed and not going to argue. Simply feel it is utterly irresponsible for me not to say it.

    You have too many young children to vigilantly keep this dog from a child unless supervised unless you lock it up. As a mother, no dog, none on earth, is worth a child being attacked even by a 20 pound dog. In a home with no kids, experienced owner, I am sure the dog would be fine. But the willingness to growl, your inability to teach the dog to SIT for the kids (btw, my Rottweilers and Chows, including rescues, learned to SIT, DOWN and "look at me" for my 3 yr old child) indicates either the dog is more than you can handle or an issue needed much more time and training skills than you can afford raising four young children. In your place, I would find a great home for this dog. Because once it bites, your only option is to euthanize it.

    Good luck whatever you do.

  • Debra, I will not flame you, nor attack. I truly appreciate your opinion. I've been having quite the inner battle over this dog. Your words, speak the truth that I do not want to hear ๐Ÿ™‚ but, they are true. I am contacting a pug rescue in my area and having her picked up. I do agree that in a house with older children or no children would be best for her, but at. The same time, I feel like I failed. I know its stupid to feel that way. Last night she went after the cat, and while she didn't do damage, its a risk to everyone.

    She weights around 30lbs, and I thought I had seen pit in her, and my dad saw boxer in her. She doesn't have the personality that I was expecting. My pug is as sweet as a dog can be. He has never growled, he was raised with kids, and I took him every where. I got him when I was 16.
    we made the descion to let her go, and in a couple years, depending on where life takes us, I am gonna get another pug puppy. My pug is close to deaths door, and I think we were too quick to take on another dog, especially one who has not been properly socialized.

    Again, I do thank you for saying something that most would flame you for. Honesty is a rare thing to find these days, especially online.

  • I would never adopt out a dog who was not socialized to someone with young children. I also would not adopt out a younger bigger dog to someone who had an older/senior dog unless that dog was used to playing with younger bigger dogs. It will take some time for her to be socialized and hopefully the pug rescue will work on this with her and not adopt her out too soon. I have rescued auction dogs-former commercial breeding dogs and it takes time to get them socialized, even the younger ones.


  • As far as the lady said, she was very good with everyone, and she was, at firstโ€ฆUntil it became a little too much for her ๐Ÿ˜ž This was also the ladies first dog she had ever owned.
    The Pug rescue was a no go, they were filled, and had no room for a pug mix. I am making a post for her on my facebook, with ALL her details, both good and bad. I am hoping maybe a friend of mine can take her, or a friend of a friend who KNOWS dogs well, and has no cats or small children.
    The lady I got her from doesn't want her back. So I guess I'm stuck for the meantime with a dog I need to find a GOOD home for. I will continue to socialize her with the kids, under EXTREME supervision.
    Wish me luck! I've contacted 3 other dog rescues, and I'm waiting to hear back from them as well. I really do believe, if given the right environment, she will be an amazing dog for someone! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I think you're doing the right thing and in the meantime be very careful with her around the children. I hope you find asuitable home soon.

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