What I had forgotten about the Basenji

  • My first B, Precious, came from a shelter many, many, years ago. I had never even heard of a Basenji…I just picked her because she was so sweet and had the cutest little curly tail.

    She ended up being (for the most part) very well behaved, except for the occasional lapse in judgement like when she would shred entire rolls of toilet paper :eek:, attack the trash, or play a game of never ending tag with me at the beach (this game lasted nearly an hour until I gave up and sat down and she finally came running back!).

    Fancy, our current Basenji is still fairly new to our house and she seems to be opening up a little more each day. Maybe it is because it has been so long since Precious has been with us that I only remember the well-behaved good times. So I was worried that because Fancy was so quiet and laid back that I didn't get the "typical" Basenji...but no, no...she gets naughtier each day as she becomes more comfortable. And suddenly, those memories of Precious' quirky naughtiness are flooding back :p

    Maybe it's time to go make sure the toilet paper is safe...

  • Good to hear that Fancy is 'settling' down to be a Basenji! May you and she have many more 'naughty' years.

  • Laugh. She is settling in and feels at home. Of course, they have to "re arrange" stuff.

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