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    "The preservatives can be unhealthy even though the ingredients sound good. I know this isn't news to you. I'm a researcher, too, and was just surprised by what I heard about "Taste of the Wild" dog food. It's a grain-free dry food for dogs who can't handle grains and it's affordable. However, in their fish formula, the preservative is Ethoxyquin…not good"

  • Good to know. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Maybe that could explain why Oakley had issues on it- I thought it was the high protein he couldn't handle, hmm?? I'll have to look into that. Currently he is on Iams low residue for suspicion of intestinal sensitivity and although he does well on it, I am not an Iams fan

  • We only use fowl version. Hopefully that is safe

  • We use the fowl & the venison and bison ones.

  • I have a can of that right in front of me and it's not on the ingredient list. I don't use the dry formula so I don't know if it's listed on that. I just found this post on Boxer World Forum. It says Taste of the Wild does not use it but they say they cannot guarantee their suppliers don't.

    **The feed store where I buy my dog food is now carrying TOTW. I have been using Wellness Core, but wanted something else to rotate with.

    After reading the info on Taste of the Wild Dog Food on DFA, I decided to e-mail the company and ask about the use of ethoxyquin in their food. Below is the reponse I got. From the way I read it, they don't use it, but they won't guarantee their supplies don't. Is this what you guys get from the response? Am I reading too much between the lines? I don't want to take any chances with my crew.

    Dear Hazel,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    The preservation systems used by our vendors are considered proprietary information. The heat from our pet food process destroys antioxidants that are used in the ingredients that we purchase. The cooking process at our
    facilities is at or above 240 degrees. After the heat process (extrusion
    and drying), we apply natural tocopherols (Vitamins A & E) in order to carry the shelf life of the food. Taste of the Wild does not preserve any of its products with ethoxyquin, only with mixed tocopherols.

    Although we do not use it, when it is used as an anti-oxidant (to prevent rancidity), as soon as it is added, it begins to oxidize ("to be used up").
    Heat and moisture greatly expedite the oxidation. Pet food manufacturing
    processes typically utilize heat and moisture. The use of ethoxyquin is approved as an anti-oxidant in pet foods and the levels are specified. This information is available on the FDA site.

    Since ethoxyquin is an anti-oxidant, it's use in reference to preventing cancer has been published and can be found on PubMed searches.

    Dr. Brookshire**

  • Here's a post from Dog Forums.

    **Taste of the Wild=ethoxyquin FREE

    Taken from another dog forum:

    A recent thread had me a little confused on TOTW and the preservative used for their ocean fish meal, an ingredient found in ALL their kibble flavors. I was under the understanding ethoxyquin was used.

    I was recently informed from Melissa Brookshire, DVM from Taste of the Wild, they have acquired a supplier that has permission to use a natural preservative prior to entering port. All of their ocean fish meal is now preserved with natural ingredients, NOT ethoxyquin, which was previously used.

    I thought this was wonderful news TOTW users would like to know!


  • First Basenji's

    Here's the statement from Taste of the Wild themselves:

    **Does this food contain ethoxyquin?
    Taste of the Wild Pet Foods sources all protein meals (chicken meal, fish mean, etc) from vendors that do not use ethoxyquin. As always, only natural preservatives are used in our manufacturing process to preserve the foods.

    For some reason, the ToTW Ethoxyquin scare circulates periodically, even though I've seen it shot down several times.

  • After doing some searching, I found that Diamond Pet foods…manufacturer of TOTW started going ethoxyquin free as of May of 2010


    Mike Sagman July 31, 2010 at 12:03 pm
    Hi Tami… Thanks to pressure applied to dog food companies by consumers and the marketplace, there are now many ethoxyquin-free dog foods. Yes, you’re right… Orijen and Acana are two of them. And there are others. Just recently (May 2010), Diamond Pet Foods (makers of Taste of the Wild, Premium Edge, Kirkland, 4Health and other quality foods) announced they now use ethoxyquin-free fish meals in all their products.

    We are planning to post an ethoxyquin-free list sometime this Fall. Thanks for your suggestion.


    Found info on http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/red-flag-ingredients/ethoxyquin-dangerous-dog-food-additive/

  • @deschroedter:

    We use the fowl & the venison and bison ones.

    Ditto here. But I do not like the fact that the company is using something like this is ANY of their foods.

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