• Just to say hello. I've been lurking on this forum for awhile and joined today because I found some information for the "sled dog" thread I wanted to share. I currently have one 7 year old neutered male Basenji named "Perry". He is my fifth Basenji, and I have owned others since the late 1960's, three females, one other male. Perry lives on my hobby farm with three horses, two Arabian, one half Arabian, all old and retired, as am I. Here are a few pictures of Perry enjoying himself.

  • Welcome to you and Perry. Thank you for the lovely pictures

  • Glad you found us.

  • What fantastic photos! Welcome. I'm quite partial to the Arabs as well. Looks like you have a lovely spot for them all.

  • Thank you for the compliments! I hope that means I can post a few more pictures….

    The last two are from my calendar this year…...complete with haiku. 🙂
    Yes, I am very proud of my little guy!

  • Nice photos!

  • what a lovely expressive face! such a handsome boy

  • First Basenji's

    Post as many pictures as you'd like. We're all fans of basenji pictures around here. 🙂

  • Beautiful Photos. perry is very cool!!!

  • Just to give you a little more information about Perry. I got him from his breeder as a three year old. He was meant to be a show dog but is just a little high in the hindquarters and moves a little wide. She was reluctant to part with him unless she could find the right home. Well, I had just lost my last Basenji at almost 15 years of age, and was not intending to get another…...but we got in touch, and the rest is history.

    Perry is unusual in that he does not destroy his toys, does not rip up paper, not even tissue, and is generally very reliable in the house. We do not crate him. We did at first until we were sure of him, and although he had been crated all his life, being left alone in a crate without other dogs next to him really upset him. We soon abandoned the crate and with the help of a "roller ball" managed to get him to look forward to our departure. He now lobbies for us to leave!

    Perry will also retrieve a number of objects from wherever in the house they may be, a trick I clicker trained him to do. We normally practice this before his meal. Dinner time is a wonderful incentive to get it right! He has lots of other behaviors in his repertoire. He is definitely not just a pretty face! He is, however, dog aggressive, which is not normally a problem for me as we see few dogs here and take our walks either on our property or in the nearby regional forest. He does love to chase crows across the fields!

    Here is one more picture from my calendar....

  • Welcome 🙂

    Such a lovely boy…

  • Welcome and thanks for the the beautiful pictures of Perry…he's a very handsome boy!

  • More super pictures - I love the first one where he looks like an angel!! I like your Haikus too.

  • Welcome! You are very lucky to have each other…. 🙂

  • Your Perry is soooooooo handsome! Welcome to the forum! I'm a newbie myself!

  • Hello and Welcome from Canada!

  • Glad to have you on the forum! Perry is really handsome. Really nice photos too!

  • Houston

    Welcome onboard..I love the pictures you posted..so, so cute.
    Yes, more pics are encouaged! 🙂

  • Welcome to you and Perry, he is a great looking boy. Keep posting lovely photos, your farm looks wonderful. It sounds like you and Perry (and the horses) have a wonderful life.

  • @MacPack:

    Welcome to you and Perry, he is a great looking boy. Keep posting lovely photos, your farm looks wonderful. It sounds like you and Perry (and the horses) have a wonderful life.

    We do O.K. Perry is the youngster around here, at 7 years old. The rest of us are seniors! I am retired, as is my husband and our three horses. Oldest to youngest, 35,29,25. Here are the two oldest, taken a couple of years ago (but they can still run when they've a mind to)

    And here is Perry, worn out from catching up on the news….

    I call this one "Don't bug me, I'm sleeping!"

    Thank you all for the warm welcome to the forum. I've been rather busy, getting into trouble on another thread. You know what they say about retired folks, we know everything, and have the time to tell you about it! 😃

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