• Hi! My name is Ann, and I've never been part of a forum before, so please bear with me as I work through the ins and outs!

    I currently am without basenjis, as my husband and I had to help our beautiful girl Kenya over the Bridge in December. We do plan to adopt again soon…we've had a busy year and knew it wouldn't be fair to a new furchild to join our household just yet.

    I've been around basenjis for, um, let's see now...I'm 51, so...yes, 36 years. The first was Pache, a shortened form of the "TexMex" word for raccoon, as her tricolor markings reminded us of the rascals of the bear world! She was supposed to be mine, but she stole my mom's heart, so Mom stole her from me, as it were. She was 13 when she passed. The next was Pallas (the Greek goddess of war and learning), my first "very own" girl. She tried every day to become the alpha, and life was never boring around her! After she had to leave at the ripe old age of 15-1/2, we adopted two from BRAT. They were actually breeder referrals, meaning their breeder had taken them back from an unfortunate placement, tried to rehome them without success, and contacted BRAT. Kenya & BlackJack were quite a bonded pair and couldn't be separated even to go to the vet! Kenya was the actual "rescue" and had bonded with her half-brother BlackJack upon return to the breeder (both were Undercover Basenjis), so Gale asked for a home together. Anyway, we lost our Sweet Boy to cancer when he was only 7, and then our Pretty Princess at 15.

    So, that's the synopsis of my life with senjis so far.

    Y'all have a good day!

  • Hi Ann. Brat has a lot of dogs available, so please do contact them again.

    Gale lives not too far from me. She has always been nice, and she has helped with rescues that she didn't breed but come from her line. I always respect the stand up breeders.

    I lost my beloved Sayblee before her 8th bd to lymphoma, so I can appreciate how hard to lose the young ones.

  • Welcome Ann! So sorry you recently had a basenji cross over the rainbow bridge. Basenjis really grab all of your heart, so I know when the time is right, you'll have another in your life.

  • I am sorry about your furbabies- my hearts still aches from all the ones at The Rainbow Bridge. Take a look at the ones who need homes and when your heart is ready you will know

  • Welcome to the forum and I hope you soon have another Basenji to live with you. I can't imagine being without one and when I'm away from home get withdrawal symptoms!!

  • Welcome Ann. I'm so sorry about Kenya, we lost Topper (15 too) back in November, maybe he was waiting for her.

  • Ann, the Forum is not like our old "lists", you have to go seek out the topics or posts you are interested in. The most recently viewed are listed at the bottom, or you can look in the major headers, open them and see all the post that are in that 'topic'. Many of the "B-Listers" and B-Com are here now. You have to remember to come back to this site, replies, etc don't come to you!

  • Welcome Ann. Sorry for your loss. I lost one of my furkids earlier this year and it is so hard.

    I hope to hear about your basenji when it comes to you 🙂

  • Glad you found us.

  • Welcome Ann,

    I?m sorry to hear about the loss of your Basenji?s, is there a plan for a new basenji friend in the future?

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