Hi everybody!

Basil and Erica here…

We just wanted to say hello. Basil is 8 weeks old, he came home this past Friday. He's a basenji-shipperke cross, he's all black except for a little white on his back paws and his chest. Right now he looks like a mini bear cub. We still are up every two hours for a potty break and he's still quite whiny. He loves to chew ANYTHING and loves to play outside. He's really friendly and playful but very needy.. most of all he's gorgeous. Looking for any advice to make my little boy a well trained, disciplined dog that's happy 🙂

Pictures, please!

My ex's family used to have Shipperkes…nice dogs.

Welcome to the Forum nBasil and Erica.

The site won't allow me to post pictures 😞

Welcome to the forum - please keep trying to get your pictures so they're acceptable to the forum - a basenji/shipperke cross has to be just adorable as all get out and we want to see it!


The site won't allow me to post pictures 😞

What error message are you getting?

It could be that the pictures you are trying to post are too big…they must be no more than 640x480.


Welcome onboard..Basil sounds darling, I can't wait to see pictures of him…

I have used a site that change the sizing of the photos so they're appropriate for message boards… so I don't know what else I can do.

How is your dog settling in? Any issues?


How is your dog settling in? Any issues?

He's doing well but we've had some problems with biting (normal) and his loose stool but I've started transitioning him to the Orijen dry food.

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