• when I got Bindi from the breeder, she told me to feed her 3 times a day around 7 am, 1pm, and 6pm so we can handle the potty training
    the past few nights, I've noticed Bindi hasn't finished one of her meals completely
    is now a good time to switch her to two times a day?

    also, when she had a long stay at my mom, and we didn't have puppy food, I went and bought some, they didn't have the Bil Jac I've been feeding her but they had a nice, Chicken Soup for the Puppy Lover's Soul and Bindi loves it and she didn't have any issues with her pooping either like most dogs do when you change foods

    (I was really happy about that) but I brought the food home and mixed it with her Bi Jac and she scarfs it now

    could it also be she likes one brand better then the other?


  • Cairo at first ate from 8-2pm every day….little amounts, lots of pee and poop.

    He is 12 weeks old today and he eats 1 cup of dry food every evening at 5:30pm. He poops once in the morning before work, and right after eating, and once about an hour later.

    Diet makes a big difference in the amount they poop and their coat and general health. I fed Caesar Eukanuba Premium Performance for years before Beta came down with her irritable bowel disease.

    Most of the basenji owners I know feed their dogs Innova dry food. Extremely healthy and you have to buy it at a feed store. I use Natural Balance Duck and Potato dry or wet for my guys. It is a no preservative, no soy, no wheat, no rice, and no corn product that is made for sensitive dogs. It is a complete diet from puppy to adult. I swear by it, super stuff!!

    Cairo is eating as much food as Caesar. I keep Caesar very lean and healthy. 1 cup is all they need with an occasional treat.

    You are right though. there is a point where they start gobbling food and then they can hold more and eat once or twice a day. they are funny after they eat! little round bellys!

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