Sudden change in behavior (in the crate)

  • 😕 Hi all,
    Jackpot is almost 5 months old and we've had him for about a month now. From the very first night, he slept in his crate by our bed. We also left him in his crate during the day for a few hours at a time (bf comes home and lets him out at lunch), & other days he goes to doggy day care. We didn't have any major issues with him in his crate…he'd whine for a few minutes and then lay down and go to sleep.

    Well...a few days ago we put him in his crate at night and he FLIPPED OUT.!!:eek: He was screaming like someone was doing bodily harm to him. He was tearing the bedding apart and was so psycho that he was getting out of breath because he was jumping around and carrying on so much. We tried to ignore him or put our hands near the crate to comfort him but were trying to see if it would pass. Well after an hour and a half, we took him out because the noise was bothering our neighbors. We let him sleep in the bed (bad move on our part) and we haven't been able to get him to sleep in his crate since. He screams bloody murder and we get fed up and tired and let him sleep in the bed.

    Then this morning, my bf put him in his crate and he ripped apart his bedding again while we were gone (had never done this before while we were gone during the day). This crazy behavior seems really "out of the blue" and I'm not sure what is going on in his little brain.

    Could he be developing separation anxiety all of a sudden (but even then, he does it when we are in the bedroom at night too). I'm getting so frustrated because I don't really want him sleeping in the bed with us forever, but I fear that we've "done ourselves in" by giving in to his whining/screaming these past few nights. If we didn't have neighbors I'd let him scream until he fell asleep, but we have to be respectful of our neighbors in the apartments next door.

    We've even joked about putting his crate in the car in the garage just to get some sleep (WE WOULDN'T DO THIS) just that desperate!

    We are going to puppy kindergarten and will ask the trainer on Friday during class...

    but in the meantime: Any help/insight/advice would be appreciated!!!

  • I don't know what could be up. I do know that Medjai just yesterday decided to have problems in his crate too, and he's only in there when I'm at class. I came home and a heard through the door a new sort of just wild screaming.

    For you, I don't have anything to suggest. I am going to put his bark collar on him for the next few days, because I know he doesn't actually have a problem, and he's had to wear it before and knows why. in a few days, he should be back to normal, hopefully, because otherwise I may have to let the neighbors complain slightly. I am in an appartment and the guys above me don't care, but the girls next door, might if it keeps up too long.

  • Yea, if we didn't live in an apartment it wouldn't be as big of a deal…but I don't want to inconvenience our neighbors. I'm at a loss for what to do & how to handle this? 😞

  • What are you doing to make the crate a really great place to be? Does he get a Kong or a Stuffed Bone when you leave him in the crate for the day? Does you do anything when you are at home to work with building value for the crate? I would recommend the video, Crate Games. Though it isn't going to help with separation anxiety it does help with building value for the crate. For information about separation anxiety, check out the booklet by Patricial McConnell, I'll Be Home Soon.

    Is he in the crate during the day when you are at work and then again at night? That is a long time to be crated. Is there are way that you can do one or the other? That may also help.

  • Kiro has had a few bouts of this!

    I have moved twice in the year ive had her adn shehas had to stay at multiple peoples homes while i was away and each time she detroys everything! the bowls toys blankets beds…. only the first few times.

    I think she was scared ans angry.

    I have read and whether anyone agrees or not, I choose to give her a small (1/4) sheet of benadrly (comes in the strips that desolve) and it helps her relax some. I also keep the tv on. and try to make her know the "routine" which is soooooo important.

    Im moving again this week to i hope my final place for a couple of years so well see how it goes!

    also, after they detroy take eveything out... he/she will continue to destroy....

    kiro sleeps in my bed...or her bed depending on nite lights and temp. (i lost that battle as well) but i love her in my bed!!!

  • No advice but let me know if you figure anything out. Aout a week ago my two girls start ripping up the hard plastic tray in the bottom of their crate. Britty lost a toe nail and is still doing it. we have had them for 5 months with no crate problems. GOOD LUCK….i also joked about putting her in the garage!!!!!

  • Same thing here. Mirtillo has no problem with his crate, but he really doesn't like it to be left alone. When I leave, he cries. Not for too long, so not really a problem.

    At night, he sleeps in the kitchen. (in his crate). Most of the time he has no problem with this. We cuddle, I tell him it is time to go to bed, give him some kibble and he goes to sleep without any noice.

    BUT.. once or twice a week he screams. Really screams, and bangs against his crate. It's so weird.. I just can't figure out what's diffirent on those evenings.

    I'm too tired to get out of my bed.. so after 30 min I fall asleep. But I do feel guilty..

  • We had the same problems with crating. When Cyrus was a pup, we decided to crate him at night and when we left the apartment. We heard Bs were destructive and wanted to start out on the right foot. Every time we left Cyrus in his crate, even for only 15 minutes, he would have explosive diarrhea. To make matters worse, he would then flip out in the crate and fling the poo and poo-soaked bedding everywhere. We would then have to clean the crate, the walls, the bedding, and the dog. I finally got tired of getting up to clean out the cage and bathe Cyrus at 2 a.m. He now sleeps in our bed. Obviously this is another example of Cyrus outwitting us! I must admit that it is lovely having him in bed with us now that he is a young adult dog and has better bladder control. Good luck!

  • He is still in bed with us :rolleyes: We will be asking the traininer on Friday when we take him to class & see if she has any input. I just don't understand why it seems like a switch was flipped all of a sudden and he's so psychotic in his crate now, after he'd been very good for several weeks. He's definately manipulated us! (which makes me even more frustrated because I'm a psychologist and I know all about behavior modification and avoiding manipulation with people…but my own dog is getting my goat). LOL. My bf and I joke that its a darn good thing that Jackpot is cute, cuz he gets away with a lot more because of his basenji wrinkles.

    Oh, BTW...we heard his yodel for the first time yesterday...melted my heart. 😉

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