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Yeah, I guess I'm still just thinking about the heat. I know it gets really hot inside my room at my parents, and then Medjai does really need water. If you have good AC, or it's not that hot, they could be fine.

Our house has great AC and is very comfortable.

Thanks for the comments.

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We keep our basenji in the crate every weekday - 6-7 hours. Should we have a water bowl/bottle in there with her or does this just make her have to pee more?

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We dont' really know - we adopted her from a no-kill shelter in Franklin, TN. We think some type of terrier (of course, that could mean pit), but our vet doesn't think it was a pit. I'm pretty sure she was the result of a full blooded basenji with something else because she has all the characteristics except the curled tail. I've tried to upload a picture, but it's too big. I'll have to take a few at a smaller size and upload this weekend.

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I'm so glad we found this forum because we are really trying our best and some days we have little victories with training on various things and other days we totally feel like she's won all battles. It's tiring at times, but we both know that are diligence will hopefully pay off…although it sounds like this breed is a handful for life - we didnt' know this when we adopted her. We weren't looking for a basenji in particular, just a new member of the family - she found us - hopefully, she will bear with us ; )

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Thanks for the comments. Our hope is that someday she can have some free roam area, but for now, it's the crate.

We will certainly work on our/her routine and make sure we're not pushing her bladder beyond it limit. Perhaps it's a dog sitter/walker some afternoons.


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Her schedule is as follows:

She is usually put in the crate when we leave for work around 7:30am - someone comes to let her out by 3pm. Then, we come home by 6pm. She's out of the crate to be exercised, fed, played with, etc. until we go to bed between 10pm - 11pm. She's up at 5am, walked/exercised, played with and fed, etc. Then we're off to work again. We both work full time.

She didn't have one accident inthe cate until we put the towels in there.

Our vet told us she should be able to go 7 hours in the crate.

When we have her out of the crate, which is anytime we're home, we take her out every 1 1/2 or 2 hours, or if she gives us a signal she needs to go out before then. We don't take our eyes off her when she's out of the crate for fear of what she might get into. ; )

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I also need some "pee in the crate advise"

We have an 18 week old Basenji (mix) and we are crate training her as well. When we first bought the crate, we also purchased a nice cushion that fit the crate perfectly. However, she immediately began chewing on the corner, so we took it away for now until she gets better about chewing and gets past the terrible teething stage. So, she just had the plastic floor to sleep on with her toys.

The first few days we had her she would wake up at 3:30am - we did it a few times and she did go, but then, she'd cry (only for about 10 minutes) when we put her back in her crate.

Our vet told us to stop getting up at 3:30am because if she was going to bed at 10pm, she should be able to hold it until 5am (when we usually hear her whine to get out). So, we stopped and occassionally she will wake that early, but usually just goes back to sleep.

We put towels in her crate one night to start to step her up to a more comfy crate, but she peed on them before we got home the next day. We removed the towels and back to the plastic floor and she's peed twice more.

We are giving her about 7 hours in the crate (always letting her do her business before we put her in it).

Is this normal - just getting used to a schedule since she's a pup? We are trying to do the right things, but don't want to create a situation or make the crate an unpleasant place for her.


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Hello everyone and thanks for the nice greeting. I am sharing this message board with my husband.

Once I figure out how to post a picture, I'll send one.

We adopted Sophie from Happy Tails - a local shelter. She was picked up by a man who found her abandoned in a field near his neighborhood. He had her for 5 weeks and began the process of crate, house and leash training. We are doing our best to get her acclimated to our home, while training her too.

She's definintely energetic!

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Hello to all. We just found the forum. We adopted our b two weeks ago. It has been great so far. She is about four months old and was a rescue from a local group. We look forward to sharing our stories and recieving advice.

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